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  • Dry food suggestions?

    just looking if anyone has suggestions on dry food for young cats. i have one that is probably about 8 months old now but it seems like all the food i give her makes her sick in one way or another. she is either vomitting or gets diarhea. i took her to the vet and he said she is healthy and she isn't underweight or anything so even though she's vomitting and/or has diarhea she's still gaining weight or staying at the same weight. he said overall she's a healthy cat so its probably just the food is upseting her tummy. he gave me a sample bag of science diet for sensitive tummies but i no sd is a bad food. i've switched her to other cheap foods to try those out and see and the only one that doesnt make her throw up or give her diarhea is one that's $1 for a 4 lb bag at the dollar store so that's a bad food too and i don't want her eating bad food like that. i just bought a new food saturday morning and it has no byproducts in it, 3 sources of meat (chicken salmon and tuna) and has added veges and fruits. so far it's doing okay but i did see a little vomit this morning on the floor. it's not hairballs vommit cause this looks more like poop. i mean the first time i saw some i thought one of my cats had pooped on the floor but then later i saw the cat throw up and it looked and smelled just like poop (sorry if too grafic). anyway. i'm pretty sure it's the food and probly an allergy to something but i don't know where to begin. any tips on what food is best? ps i have 3 other cats that don't have any problems with the food i buy.

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    It sounds like a food allergy, we had the samething with your dog, we had to ingrediant surf to find the commonality. What is the same with all the foods the cat has been sick on, have they all been liver and fish where the cheap one was chicken maybe? My suggestion is try to find which one ingrediant is making her the most sick, then avoid that and anything with 'meat meal' in it. There are a few really good cat foods out there just like dog foods. Maybe switch to a canned food with more natural ingrediants until you know which ones are making her sick. It might take a little while to figure it out but you'll be glad you took the time to find out. You might also want to try a natural homemade food, at least then you are completely controling what goes in and you'll know whats causing it even easier.
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      Oh gosh...ick! I hate tummy troubles. Poor baby. I agree with Celtech, sounds like she isn't tolerating something (obviously) so it's just a matter of sorting out what the culprit is. I also think finding a good quality canned food for the moment might be helpful until you get everything figured out...least it might save you from having to clean up some nasty messes.

      When I fed kibble I LOVED Innova EVO Cat foods.....there was a pretty big gap in time between my cats but when I brought Nicky home I bought a few of the sample size bags from my feed store to feed him while I switched him over to RAW. It is grain free and high in proteins and I personally think it's a great food.

      Now the down's expensive! I was able to buy the sample size bags from my feed store..each pack was about 1 1/2 pounds and they sold it to me for just a few bucks. Since I was switching Nicky to RAW I didn't need much and this saved me from having to drop a pretty penny of a full bag that I wouldn't finish.

      Here's a link I found with all the EVO info:
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