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    thanks for posting this

    i gave up a long time ago cats are eating canned salmon, jack mack and the occasional tuna. the only thing to recall in those would be the salmon, the jack mack, the tuna, the water/oil the tuna's canned in or the salt added to the jack mack. i think i'm pretty safe. lol my cats are doing pretty good on it though and one has even gained weight he needed to gain and the other has a shineyer coat too.


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      This recall on pet foods is so very scary and the list just keeps growing. Thank heavens I feed RAW. lol :)

      Anywho...are you only feeding the canned fish?? If so it might be a good idea to add in some things like turkey and maybe some beef hearts. Don't worry, lol I'm not trying to make you go to raw feeding, you can cook the items if you wish, but my cat LOVES beef hearts and I have found that he keeps a nice body condition if I feed beef hearts a few times a week. And be wary of feeding too much Tuna and such, I personally don't feed tuna but if I did I would do it on a limited basis.
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        no, please, go into the raw thing!!!!!!!

        i've found a couple recipes but i'm just not liking what i'm finding. a lot want you to add certain vitamins and stuff and i'm not against that but i'd like to just find something natural to just throw out there especially since i've got three cats and they kind of eat at there own pace. i'm feeding mostly canned salmon, only about 1/2 a tuna a week cuse they prefer the salmon. i've noticed they have a lot firmer and fewer stools too. where i was changing the box every day now i can go two days and there urine isn't so ammonia-y.

        but if you have a raw recipe, please share it.

        and what do you do for beef hearts? just put one or two out or do you chop it up? and would chicken or turkey hearts be okay? what about the packs of gizzards?


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          Actually me too, any advice on what to feed a dog that might have an ulcer? I have him on Natural Choice with joint builder right now, its a good food, but I still worry about him, on occasion he throws up everything he ate that day, and I mean everything.
          The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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            This is getting ridiculous with this whole recall. Its a pain to keep up with all the news articles and recall status.
            Thanks for posting this here though as I'm sure it helps the cat owners out... just like me!
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              Don't have much time but I'll throw in a quicky relpy.

              As far as recipes...I feed a prey model raw diet to all my pets and there aren't really any recipes so to speak.

              The only difference in my dogs diet vs. my cat's diet is that Nicky gets beef heart and turkey more often than the dogs do. And he also doesn't eat large bones like the dogs..his bones iten are limited to small rabbit, chicken, turkey and fish. Cats are obligate carnivores and do not synthesize (sp?) their own taurine like dogs do, so I feed more items that do contain higher amounts of taurine (like beef hearts and turkey).

              If it helps any heres a lil' example of what Nicky ate the past few days:

              Morning: small chicken back and "glop" of lamb liver.

              Night: Beef heart (portion size a bit bigger than the palm of my hand) and ground turkey neck.
              Morning: chicken necks & canned salmon mixed with a lil' bit of chicken liver.

              Night: ground turkey necks, a few chicken hearts (these are tiny) and a slice of beef heart.

              It's not really like I have a meal plan so to speak. I just make sure that each week he eats a good mix of meat, bones and organs...same with the dogs food, but I usually only feed the dogs beef heart twice a week and Nickey gets it for at least 4 meals each week.

              As to the question about the dog with an ulcer....I really wish I had an answer but I'm not sure on that one. Have you talked to a vet about how best to handle a possible ulcer? Sorry to hear he's throwing up and the poor thing doesn't feel too peachy. I hope you can find an answer to your question...when I finally manage to get a computer I can ask around & send a few emails to see if any of the ppl I know have experiance with this sort of thing...In the meantime Good Luck.
              "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                Actually hes normally g, its just when he takes the attacks that he throws up whatever he's eaten that day, and he normally only does it once, maybe twice a month and only once, but its everything hes eaten and then some. We're leaning towards an ulcer but we haven't gotten him into the vet yet to ask. He's five years old and was badly bred, saved from our local meat sale, hes been a sickly little (120lbs) dog since he was a puppy. His joints arn't the best, and hes very allergic to lamb, and were guessing something else as well since his stools are still fairly lose.

                We're so use to him not being a healthy dog that we kind of just roll with whatever he throws at us. Its sad, but we're just use to him being sick.
                The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.