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winter cat tips

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  • winter cat tips

    winter cat tips

    I posted some useful winter tips for cat on my website
    a must read

    see them at this link

    thank you Lisa

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    Great useful tips shared here dude,..
    Supplement adult food with kitten food, or alternate kitten food with adult food starting in September, to help put weight on your feral cats for the cold winter ahead.



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      so good , so wonderful!


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        Re: winter cat tips

        Great tips. Thank you for sharing.


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          Re: winter cat tips

          1. REMEMBER - As temperatures fall, the use of motoring products such as antifreeze increases. Antifreeze (found in car screen-washes and de-icers) often contains ethylene glycol or methanol which cats find sweet tasting, but it is highly toxic. Ingesting even the smallest amount can lead to kidney failure and death. Keep antifreeze in clearly labelled, sealed containers away from pets and clean up any spills immediately.

          2. If your cat will be seeing seeing snow for the first time, consider letting him wander in a safe, enclosed area and supervise him.

          3. The cold can severely affect inflamed and arthritic joints, so provide additional warm and comfortable places for an elderly cat.

          4. When your cat comes in from the snow, wipe off any road grit and other harmful substances that may stick to your cat's paws or fur.


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            Re: winter cat tips

            Getyourpet, I thought that I had read the text in your post above somewhere else. So I checked on the net and the text has been copied word-for-word (although the order of the points has been changed) from this site:

            Copying text from other websites without asking permission and without citing the source of the original could represent a breach of copyright. Please do not do this again.
            Do animals have souls?


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              Re: winter cat tips

              Hi everyone!

              I just want to clarify that is the cats need a warm shelter for winter or not?
              It has been always said that cats feel OK in winter (of course they need a house or shelter or something) but I'm pretty confused now that they need a blanket or something like that to keep them warm or not?

              Thank you.
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