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Anorexic kitty?

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  • Anorexic kitty?

    Hello all,
    two months ago our siamese pussy cat gave birth to four beautifull kitties. They all seem to do fine apart the only female she gave birth. She was the first pussy cat that she was born but shes the weakest of them all. She refuses to eat apart few tiny bites of junior cat food. She has catch a cold and we try to feed her properly. She dosent drink lactose she just milk her mom from time to time. When the others are eating she seats and watches them. Also she is the less active.
    We have tried everything to feed her. By seperating her from the others, and keep her company while she eats, by giving her special junior treats.
    Does anybody has a suggestion to make?
    She is completely white and she has one blue and one green eye. Sometimes we think she dosent listen well.
    Thank you for any replies in advance,
    We hope that everybody is ok.

    Greetings from rainy Athens, Greece

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    Hi Sophia,

    There's an old home remedy my mother use to do when our kittens wouldn't eat well. Seems the runt always needed help. We mixed milk, with bread, and put a little sugar in it. Let it soak a bit, break the bread up for her and let her eat that. Ususally had to put a little bit on their lips first to get them to eat. Try that, then if it doesn't work take your kitty to the vet.

    Good Luck

    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      thank you

      Hi Salem ,
      thank you very much for your advice. She seems to eat a bit more now. Yesterday i bought her a salmon mous style can ( i dont know if im allowed to tell the brand) and today she ate half of it. She is still not as active as her brothers and she prefers to sleep most of the day. She still has snots.

      Take care all,
      greetings from Athens

      Sophia Roy :lol:


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        I just noticed your from Greece..How was the Olympics? Wonderful I hope.

        If she's eating a half a can that should be enough. Make sure she's drinking water too. She was probibly confinded in the womb so she's not as mature as the others. It will take time for her to catch up. As long as she's eating and drinking.. and you don't see any other health problems coming up. she should be fine. Keep us updated.

        Blessed Be

        Salem Witch Child


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          Hi Salem,

          The Olympics were nice. It was a nice experience to see events and have fun with people around the world. :D
          She is drinking water a lot and today she ate a few pieces from the dry food we have available for all the pussies in a bowl.
          Take care of you,

          Have a nice weekend

          Sophia- Roy


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            Sounds like she'll be just fine..You got a pick of her? I love to see animal pics :lol:
            Blessed Be

            Salem Witch Child


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              Dont know how to upload pics

              Dear Salem,
              We 've got a pic but we dont know how and if we can upload it here.
              Take care of you

              Sophia Roy


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                try uploading it as an avitar. Thats done in your profile
                Blessed Be

                Salem Witch Child


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                  Dear Salem witch Child,

                  We have taken the little one to the vet and it appeared to have flu. After 3 days of shots she is fine now and she started playing with her brothers and eating a lot. But she is still pickish in what to eat. :shock:
                  As for the photo we are trying to shoot her one nice but she doesnt stay still. :lol:

                  Take care,

                  Sophia - Roy


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                    I'm glad she's doing good.

                    Maybe hold her for the photo?
                    Blessed Be

                    Salem Witch Child


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                      Hi Salem witchchild,
                      here is our kitty. Hope you will like it.

                      Have a nice day


                      Here she is:


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                        She is so cute! :D if she had both red eyes I'd swear that was a cat I had as a kid.
                        Blessed Be

                        Salem Witch Child