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My Himi has peeeing issues!

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  • My Himi has peeeing issues!

    I moved into a new place in March and she started peeing a few months back to the pt (one area) that I will have to replace the padding and majorly clean the rug! I put plastic down to discourage her! She has been to a cat shrink! YEP that is right! I got 2 litter boxes...but what makes her do this!?!

    She has peed in her beds, rugs, every place we have lived. How do you break a cat from doing this? can't how small throw rugs down. She is beautiful and sweet but it is soooo frustrating! Not even Anti-icky poo helps!!!! HELP

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    Cat urinating on Beds

    I have the same problem with one of our female cats. We have three and we thought it was the Male cat , but then realized that it is one of the female cats. Is this a common thing with females :?:

    I too am not sure what to do and would like some advice on this subject and if anyone knows what works?? I have a friend that used the hormone spray, but she said it did not work and has to keep the cat outside.

    This is crazy !!! We cannot have our cat/cats urninating on the beds !!
    Help !!



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      I'm on another forum and here is what I usually posted about urination problems. Read it through, as it tells you about stress, what cats find as stress and then how cats react to stress.

      A cat cannot write you a letter to say that it is upset, unsure, insecure, or are worried or stressed out. So the only way they can communicate about this is through their behavior. Typically a cat with inappropriate urination is either a cat with medical problems (bladder infection, diabetes, thyroid, etc.) or is a cat that is stressed out.

      First, get your cat into a vet for a complete exam and testing. Tell you vet everything you are telling us, and you want to make sure there are no medical problems that could be causing this urination.

      If the vet finds your cat is medically okay, then you have to look at what has been happening right within your own home. You have to be really honest about it and play Sherlock Holmes. Stress can be from: illness of another pet in the home, illness of a human, human fighting in the home, divorce/separation of humans, new humans in the home, moving to a new home, new pets in the home, not enough litter boxes, changing locations of the litter boxes, changing of type of litter in the litter boxes, stray/ferals outside the home, and so much more.

      I was reading the book The Cat Whisperer and according to that book some cats get stressed out and go into urine spraying or inappropriate urination from some of the following:

      --New carpet or new rugs: It brings a new smell into the home which is the cat's territory (and new carpet and rugs do emit new odors).

      --New furniture: Again, it brings in a new smell into their territory.

      --Bicycles in house: They spoke of an extreme case where a boy was bicycling to and from school and the bicycle was being brought into the home every day. The many smells of the outdoors were on the bicycle tires and enough to start the cat spraying.

      --Shoes: They spoke of another extreme case where the people had to leave their shoes outside or in a garage. When they were outdoors and about in their regular shoes, when they returned home they were walking in with the many smells of the outdoors on the soles of their shoes and it got the cat started.

      Here's my summary about a Barking Mad Episode I watched about spraying:
      Barking Mad had a GREAT episode today about Alfie the cat who was spraying urine around his home. The specialist said that a cat spraying inside his home is an indication that they are insecure about their environment which is their territory. When outdoor cats spray around the outside of the front door, every time the door is opened that outdoor cat's scent comes into the house and makes the house cat insecure and want to re-establish territory by spraying. THIS IS GREAT INFO. OKAY, NOW WE KNOW THE REASON, SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

      Locate and clean the sprayed areas in the home (and outside the home) of urine (you can even use a black light if you're not sure of where the areas are). Then take a damp washcloth and wipe the mouth and facial cheeks and back of your indoor cat and then take that washcloth to the indoor areas where the cat has been spraying and wipe that "scented" washcloth on all those areas. THE SPECIALIST SAID THAT URINE IS NOT THE ONLY WAY OF ESTABLISHING TERRITORY, and that using the scented washcloth is an excellent way of you helping your cat to establish his indoor territory. Wow.

      I also forgot to add that on a prior episode of Barking Mad, they had techniques to discourage the local "Cat Mafia" from hanging out by your front door and in your yard. Unless you act to discourage the Cat Mafia, they will constantly mark your yard and home as their territory and will enter through pet doors to get into your home.

      Below is a good site on inappropriate feline urination
      Cats, as a class, have never completely got over the snootiness caused by the fact that in ancient Egypt they were worshipped as gods.
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