My cat is about 2 years old now and has been really well with using her litter box.

The problem now is that she urinates on our clothes and blankets for the past week and a half and I don't know what to do. She still uses the litter box at times.

I feel that it's probably due to stress, maybe because I now work two jobs and take classes at a Jr. College. I leave the house at about 8am and most of the time I get back home at about 9pm. My husband is home, but I have been wondering if my sudden change in schedule is what's bothering her.

I decided to not go to one of my classes today, for I felt a bit guilty for leaving her in the bathroom all day today. So I let her out of the bathroom, played with her a bit and everything seemed to be fine. I started to do laundry and while I was folding the clothes, she urinated on a pile of clean clothes that I was folding.

Now I can't change my schedule at the moment, I need the extra work and I don't want to drop my classes just because she might be having a problem with me gone all the time.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate to keep her locked up in the bathroom all the time.