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teaching a kitten its name.

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  • teaching a kitten its name.

    How Long does it take untill a kitten learns its name?
    eg, comes when you call it.

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    howlong before a kitten knows it's name?

    Hi! I really have to wonder if they really WANT to learn it? :roll: My sammy comes to me when he want's lovin, or he's hungry, otherwise he just looks at me as if to say "what? you talkin' to me?" I can usually get himto come over if I do the famous"psss psss psss" kitty sound, but only breifly, to see if I have something good to eat, then he'll scamper away. My 8 weekold however wants constant lovin, so he's pretty much always on my lap! :wink:


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      cats knowing name....

      I am not sure my cats have ever really know there names but they all always come when I say kitty kitty kitty and click my tongue and the way this started was when they were new and very young we started calling them that way each time they were fed or given a treat and it just stuck and they always come now when called that way....even my pup comes when the cats are! All of the cats or kittens I have ever had have always been taught to come this way and it has never failed me.
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        Well id have to say they really dont LEARN theyre names..or they know them but dont come when you call, thats more of a dog , ferret,thing
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          Re: teaching a kitten its name.

          Originally posted by alee
          How Long does it take untill a kitten learns its name?
          eg, comes when you call it.
          Hi! You probably know how it is with cats - they do what and when they want to do.

          'Dogs come when the're called; cats take a message and get back to you later.'
          - Mary Bly

          I can only tell you from my experience how it was with my kitten. Chojrak (that's his name) is now three months old and I have had him from about four weeks. The first thing I taught him was to come when I call him - i't because I live in a block of flats and often take him out for a walk on a leash and I try to be prepared when he escapes. Teaching him his name was really a snap. When he was hungry I called him showing his favorite cookies. First I did only in one room and later I called him from another room. He learned this in matter of a few minutes. Later in the evening, before his last meal I tried it one more time and asked my boyfriend to call him too - to check, if Chojrak got the idea. The very next day he would come to me without a treat. Still, I have problems to teach him the same when we are outside - he is so excited that he doesn't draw attention to my words at all. But I keep trying ...

          The most important thing is that you need to be patient and don't force your cat to learn when it doesn't feel like being taught. My cat learned not only his name but also to sit when I ask, jump from and on the counter or table, walk on leash, and stop meowing when I ask - and all of that in just four weeks of time.
          'As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.'
          - Ellen Perry Berkeley


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            My cat always come when I called him. But I can't really say how long it was. He just gradually learned it. Of course he was the cuddling type. So if your cat is more of a "I'll get there when I want" type of cat, don't expect too much.. :)
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