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introducing a cat to other animals

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  • introducing a cat to other animals

    hey i just found a cat, its at my girlfriends appartment right now but i would very much like to bring it in my house. i have a dog that is around 7 years old and a guinea pig to. my dog is a male ( so is the cat) if that makes any difference? i have read some things about cats and guinea pigs. i have only had the cat a few days so i dont know if it will be a mean one or not? as of now i dont think so, but the pig's cage is an open one well not in an aqarium. My dog is also somewhat protective i guess...and he does bark at like cats outside and dogs and people at the door(its prob normal tho) but anyways what would be the safest way to introduce them to eachother with out any of them being hurt? thanks!