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  • hi (Flea Question)

    hiya all just wanted to know does anyone know the best way to get rid of fleas? i just want to get rid of them off my cat before they get to bad, thanks sarah x

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    You could go to your local petstore and pick up some flea spray.

    Flea collars seemed to be fine when I kept my cat outside, some are just a bit bulky.

    Those are quick ways. There's always Frontline, too. I have never used it, so I'm not sure how effective it is.


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      I've found either Frontline or Advantage to work really well in both preventing a flea problem and killing those that are already on the animal.
      ~Jessica, Ava, Scoob & the kitty crew


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        Both Frontline and Advantage work great but you have to go to a vet to get them (most will not require an appointment). Do NOT buy any Hartz Mountain flea products - you could wind up with a dead cat!!

        Do this as soon as possible (Frontline or Advantage). If you see ONE flea there are hundreds and the sooner you start to kill them the better off your cat will be and the less fleas there will be in your house. Fleas can cause other nasty problems for your cat besides scratching with tapeworm being the most likely to affect your cat.

        Use the Frontline or Advantage once a month for at least three months and then start to use it again as soon as the weather gets warm.

        Keeping your cat indoors will definitely help.