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HELP! Cat scratching on door every night! Sleep deprived!

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  • HELP! Cat scratching on door every night! Sleep deprived!

    Hi there!
    I am new to the forum, and I am from Australia!
    I am desperate for some advice regarding my beautiful tortoiseshell cat, Minnie. I have another younger cat called Button, and we also have a border collie. We live on a farm in semi-rural Melbourne, and the problem I have has now followed us in three different houses!
    At night, we keep the animals in the house, and we shut our bedroom door. Minnie usually goes to sleep beautifully, until around 2am-5am, when she begins scratching the carpet, pulling on our bedroom door with her claws and howling. She does this until I get up, and put her in the bathroom with her bed and kitty litter, which usually settles her down, When I pick her up to do this, shes lovely and purring and very relaxed. If I don't get up, she'll keep it up for almost two hours. We used to let her outside to catch mice etc and she'd do it at the window to be LET IN! We refuse to share our bedroom with the animals, as I am allergic to my cats unfortunately and when they sleep on the bed, it gets much worse. I'm convinced she's horribly jealous of my partner (I had Minnie when I met him four years ago) and wants me all to herself! This is my theory, but I'd love some ideas of how to stop it so we can finally have a good nights sleep without our screaming 'baby' waking us up! I feel bad to lock her in the bathroom wit her bed every night, but maybe it needs to be done? All the other areas of the house have carpet in them and we only have one litter tray for both cats. Please help! We are sleep deprived and confused! :shock:

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    Why not just put her in the bathroom with her bed, toys and kitty litter when you go to bed?


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      Aww.. cats do seem to be a little selfish. My cat used to hate my former partners.