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Is my cat pregnant?

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  • Is my cat pregnant?

    OK, recently my cat was in heat. She's a little gray cat with a little Siamese in her, about nine months old. I live in the country, smack dab in the middle of four acres. Never once have I seen another cat besides my own. About two months ago (My cat was in heat from about mid January to early March) my dad and mom spotted a strange cat in one of our trees but my dogs came running to greet them and the cat jumped out of the tree and ran away.

    This morning, I went to pick my little cat up and I felt something on her stomach. I thought it was a tick because it's totally normal to find ticks on animals around her. I looked on her stomach and all of her nipples are H-U-G-E.... Huge and pink. And so I Googled it and I came across varying results. Some say that if a cat has big, pink nipples it can't not be pregnant... Others explain stories about thinking their cat was pregnant because oh its nipples but it never ever had babies....

    Does anyone have any information or tips for me?

    (I also felt her stomach to try and feel for the firm part that's suppose to be babies, but I can't tell... )
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    Your best option is to take her to the vet. Their trained to do palpitation. It's very likely. Though sometimes they can have all the signs of pregnancy but it be false.
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      Salem, false pergnancy is very very common in cats, I would have your vet take a look at her. Its either that, or the waiting game.
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