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My newest, special foster kitten - thrown from a moving car

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  • My newest, special foster kitten - thrown from a moving car

    This little girl was picked up by the police department and brought to animal control. She was seen being tossed out of a window of a moving car.

    She came into AC yesterday. Her face was a bloody mess, her rear leg completely limp and without movement.

    I went and picked her up tonite. She has very limited movement in the back leg thuough it doesnt appear to be broken. Her tail this evening shows some sign of movement.

    She eats.

    She drinks.

    She cries.

    Above all, she PURRS.

    You know, all animals deserve homes. This one is such a beauty IMO - I have no clue why someone would TOSS HER OUT instead of at least trying to give her away at the store.

    Yes, I know all of the horrors of that too.


    My heart is just sick over the continuous loss of lives due to idiots. We have several animals in foster care and being boarded at this point.

    This girl isn't suffering, but she is far from being in fit condition. I have her here at the house and I'll do what I can with her, in her best interest.

    Financially, I'm almost maxed out on what I can offer fosters. I have my own mouths to feed and vet.

    She has a vet appointment for tomorrow morning, later than I wanted but the soonest I can get her in.

    I made a video of her so you can see her:

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    She has a fractured pelvis, a bruised bladder, cracked ribs and scrapes and bruises but she should be fine once she heals.

    She is already showing progress.


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      Awwww what a precious could anyone do such a thing???? I mean my gosh, if you absolutly don't want it how hard is it to take it to a rescue???

      Thanks for saving this baby..hopefully she'll have a quick recovery.
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        She has interesting eyes. The veins seem to almost flower around the pupil.

        I'm disgusted with the ways people think up to toss their animals out. They treat them like a murder victim they need to dispose of. It's just so ridiculous and unecessary, but it really says something about human nature. But the world is fortunate to have people like you who will consider the animals. I'm glad she's being taken care of.


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          So glad she is with you, now. What a sweet kitty. I don't even want to discuss people who can do things like what was done to her...I am in denial...Thanks for adopting her, things will be good for her now.


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            Awww. I wish I could have seen the video but its already been withdrawn.