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Was the kitten dead when I woke up ? very confusing !

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  • Was the kitten dead when I woke up ? very confusing !

    I've pasted my email to a local vet below but was just interested in other opinons so joined this site . Since I rent and sometimes have to move it would be difficult having my own pet but I always seem to befriend cats .
    The landlord has a 3 year old Burmese , a 1 year old Burmese and the Persian must be about 1 1/2 ....

    Hi , I came into the shop today but no vets were available . I just wanted to ask an opinion on something very strange that happened Sunday night .
    I rent a 1 bedroom flat on the landlord's property and their cats spend a lot of time at my place . The 1 year old Burmese stayed at my place last night and as she normally does when it gets cold she crawled under the blankets while I was asleep . 4 am I woke up with something under my arm , it was her head . I felt her front leg and it was stiff . I tried to move it around but her whole body lifted with it . her head was staying in the same position . By this time I was wide awake and slapped her face and shouted in her ear but she never moved . I paniced and decided that the only possibility was to hit her mid section to try and make her breathe . I slapped her belly/chest area quite hard but she stayed stiff . I then really freaked out and hit her about 8 times so hard that she bounced 6 inches off the bed each time .
    Then she moved her head and started purring and licked my hand and started chewing on my finger as she often does .......
    I was definitely awake and not imagining any of this but I find it very hard to explain what happened , whether she had just suffocated or somehow her body stiffened up for some other reason , either way I was happy to get home and find her quite well this afternoon .
    Cheers , Desmond .

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    Hmm.. that was really very weird. I think the cat choked or something.


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      That is the weirdest story I have ever heard and I would totally be freaked out. I wonder if you got her heart started again when you hit her abdomen. So strange!