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Is my husband abusing my cat?

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  • Is my husband abusing my cat?

    I have a 5 1/2 yo male Burmese cat. I know that since I married my husband a few months ago and he moved in that my cat no longer likes him. Recently my cat started acting very strange around my husband, running and hiding even leaving food behind if he was eating, which is not like my cat, he would eat all day if you let him. Yesterday I noticed that he had a hematoma on the outside bottom jaw. There was quite a bit of blood. We do have another kitty in the house, a 14 week old female but the wound is not a scratch or a bite. It looks more like he was struck or maybe kicked?? I need a outsiders opinion here, does this behavior of his and this injury sound like abuse?

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    Gosh, it is SO hard to say. Without knowing your husband.
    It doesn't sound good, but you'd hate to jump to that conclusion. Any chance you can set up a little hidden camera, or even a voice activated tape recorder? You might hear him yell at the cat or hear something that might be telling.

    Let us know what happens.


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      omg it seems to me that ur cat is scared of ur husband by runnin and hidein and not bein himself i would set up a secret camera up to see as ur cat carnt tell u wats upsettin him pls let us now the out cum


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        If you find out it is your husband kick him out!! But that's my oppinion....LOL

        Anyway........Do you let her out?Have you confronted your husband??? Have you asked him?? Does he seem to like your cat?? Gather the clues but while you gather.....keep her AWAY from him.


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          Hi Eloratain: I am very concerned about the safety of your pets. You know your husband the best, and if these pets are suddenly getting hurt like this, it brings your husband into question. If you and your husband are having some arguments lately, he could be doing this to get back at you. If your husband has ever abused you physically or mentally, then he is capable of doing so to a cat. Please get this cat vet treatment and ask the vet what the vet thinks. If your husband is doing this, my personal opinion is to get away from him before he does this to you. Many of the serial killers started out abusing animals and people were just a natural progression up the ladder. My prayers are with you.
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            My thoughts exactly! I heard the same thing about serial killers :?

            That may not be the case with least I hope not....LOL

            BUT..... keep that in mind and again keep your cats away from him.

            Don't take any chances :(


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              It sounds like abuse could be a possibility since you just married your husband and have just noticed this about your cat. If your husband shows any abusive behaviors towards you, good chance he would do this to an animal. I would not confront him about it until you know for sure. It seems strange that this is only happening with one of your cats but I see that the cat that was hurt is a male---maybe your husband feels threatened by having another male in the house. It may seem funny, but I have known of a man who did not like male animals but did like female animals. I would take him to the vet and have it checked out, though.

              Hope this helps.