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Cat is not behaving normal, i am scared

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  • Cat is not behaving normal, i am scared

    I have a 4 year old male Tabby who i love more than anything. Well, a family member took the cat a bath yesteday, which we all know that Cats are terrified by water, especially my little tabby. For whatever reason, the member decided to take the cat another bath today ( i think he gets a thrill out of hearing the cat cry and whimper). Not only did he take the cat a bath he blew dry it with my dryer. I remember that person calling me at work saying my cat wanted to say hi to me. The cat cried out, it wasn't a good meow.
    When i got home today I saw my cat on its pillow, looking hazy and depressed. I immedinately sat on the floor and started crying. His eyes are incoherent and hazey. They just dont seem right. He prefers to keep them closed. My heart is so broken right now because i feel something is not right. He seems withdrawn. Will he be ok tommarow? What is wrong?? I dont know what this person really did to my cat. Is he ok?? Help :(

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    What kind of soap was it, possible kitty ingested some and is now in need of intervention. I'd find out and call you local animal poison control center, or just poison control, or even your vet. If you feel theres something wrong don't wait call them right away! It could mean the diffrence of life or death.
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      Is it possible to talk to this family member about this..? Cats shouldn't need baths by us unless they roam outside a lot and get themselves into things... which even then, they usually take care of themselves. If there is mud/honey/etc, all that is really needed is a warm, wet washcloth.. no need to dunk kitty.

      To me, it sounds like this family member is deliberately stressing your kitty out.. and yes, stressing a cat out could make it sick.. could make any animal, including humans, sick. It really sounds like your kitty is just very upset, and cats will hold grudges.

      But I agree with Celtech- You know your kitty better than anyone, I'm sure. If you think something is internally wrong, do call/see a vet.


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        Just leave cat friendly soaps for them to use just in case. Bring your cat to the vet immediately if this happens again.