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  • Cat eye problem

    My cat has a problem with his left eye. I phoned the vet last night and they said to bathe the eye, so I did, but this didn't seem to clear the eye so I stupid thought I would put some of my eye drops in which did cleared the eye and it looked a lot better. I took the cat to the vet today and said that I had bathed it. But didn't say about the eye drops. They have given me some cream, but she didn't seem to think that that was what was wrong with him. Do you think that I have caused this problem. She said that he could go blind. I really hope that I haven't caused this. I feel so stupid, I just wanted to help him, has he was in pain. Please let me know what you think as I am sick with worry that he is going to go blind, and it's all my thought.
    Thanks Ruth

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    It was probibly an eye infection.
    Your cat is probably not going to go blind.
    It can be caused by stuff geting in your cats eyes.
    animals are great!


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      I think..It was an eye infection.Your cat is probably not going to go blind.


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        I think that it is just an infection, you didn't cause this nor mean for it to happen. How is your cat's eye now?