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My cat suddenly became very weak, after 24 hours he can't walk (6 Years old).

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  • LPC
    Re: My cat suddenly became very weak, after 24 hours he can't walk (6 Years old).

    Daniel, I am also sorry to read about the sudden deterioration in the health of your friend's cat. Wrax is not a vet, but he has a very good knowledge of animal health issues. I will not attempt to add anything to what he has written. I sympathise with what you say about vets in your country being money driven, but ultimately all you can do is put your trust in their diagnoses and their treatment, even if it is expensive.

    I do so hope that your friend's cat responds well to treatment. Every best wish - and welcome to the forum! Please keep us updated about the cat's condition. You can be sure of a sympathetic ear from members of this forum.

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  • Wrax
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  • Wrax
    Re: My cat suddenly became very weak, after 24 hours he can't walk (6 Years old).

    Hi there danielx111

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's cat, it must be very hard to see them in discomfort.

    Since this is a medical question, I have moved this thread to the relevant section of the forums.

    I sadly can't give any advice based on first-hand experience, as I haven't had any cats who have had a similar problem. However, I can give some of my thoughts.

    NOTE: I am not a veterinarian!

    Kidney failure can be rapid onset, and the direct cause can be challenging to determine. Obviously I'm not sure what has happened, but there are two initial options I see. One, when your cat went outside they may have eaten something which could be toxic to their kidneys. The other thought is that this has been an ongoing problem which has finally shown complications. From the VetWest website: "The kidneys will be able to function efficiently until approximately 70% of the kidney is lost, at which stage they will start to deteriorate, and we begin to see clinical signs of illness in our cats." However, there is a myriad of other causes (tumours, bacterial or viral infections, etc).

    It is also probably not necessary that you share your cat's blood results. Most people don't know how to read and interpret them in any beneficial way.

    I do know that Kidney problems are known for animals presenting really unwell, and recovery can be dependent on how much damage has been done. However, It is best to be guided by your veterinarian. It is unfortunate to hear they may be money driven, but they are the experts and hopefully are doing their best for your cat. Don't be affraid to ask them questions about why this has happened to your cat, and what steps they are taking. You should be allowed to know why they are doing what they are doing.

    I wish your cat the best <3

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  • danielx111

  • My cat suddenly became very weak, after 24 hours he can't walk (6 Years old).

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if I am in the right forum, I'm losing hopes and hope someone can help me.

    That's not my cat, however, the owner is someone who is very important to me and maybe one of you had something similar with their cats.

    The story is, 48 hours ago the cat was perfectly fine, just like any other day, he went outside and after 20-30 minutes he came back home crying, when my uncle touched him he started to scream.

    We went to the veterinarian, the cat did blood test which shows a big problem in his kidney (I wonder if I attach the blood test here it may help), anyway, it has been 48 hours and each day seems like it's getting worst, now he can't even walk, he doesn't eat and on infusion.

    What I don't understand is how kidney problem could have such an extreme effect when the cat is perfectly fine like any other day and 30 minutes later he's like "Live-Death".

    Maybe it may be something else? (He didn't hurt or anything like that as there is no signs of it but that's the only thing that comes to my mind).

    It also seems that the veterinarian in my country are not exactly the best, they only care about money and that's the reason I want to find some information on the internet or maybe someone had similar story to share so I may have a guidance.

    I will appreciate any comment,

    Thanks in advance!