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How do I care for a cat with broken jaw? + About a cancer aid campaign

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  • How do I care for a cat with broken jaw? + About a cancer aid campaign

    I have been looking for information about this subject. My Sueño has cancer. She just went through surgery that ended up removing part of her jaw. I don't know how to care for her in any particular way. If anybody else went through something like this and has some answers...

    Also, since I'm bringing it up, I'm also looking for information about where to publish a crowfunding campaign about her case. I've made a GoFundMe page Luchando-por-sueno. I know if I'm not allowed to put a link here so I'm not doing that, but how can I get the word spread? Google is not helping my case because a lot of people used the "luchando por un sueño" tag (even though here Sueño is the cat name). Is there a way to show this is me? If this is not the place, where can I go? I've never done something like this. So. Please, please help me.

    *About Sueño: She has a melanoma with metastasis, very aggressive. We have worked as fast as we could, and done three surgeries, but this cancer just moves too fast. My last chance is inmunotherapy, but I have all but lapidated most of my money in the previous attempts at treatment. (I'm in Argentina, there's an economic crisis here, and I've just lost my job so, I'm desperate and running out of time. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. Even buying her the special food she needs now is becoming difficult enough... Please, tell me where I should go.)
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    Re: How do I care for a cat with broken jaw? + About a cancer aid campaign

    Welcome, Nadia! I'm very sorry indeed to read about the condition of Sueno. The rules about crowdfunding can be read here (see rule 2):

    However, I can suggest the following: you are welcome to add a scanned copy of the vet's written estimate for further treatment. This will help to reassure readers that you are indeed genuine (as I believe you are). You can also invite members wishing to donate to contact you via private message on this forum. They can then contact you directly and ask any supplementary questions they might wish.

    I'm afraid that I do not have any personal experience of melanoma with metastasis and how to care for an animal with this type of cancer. Maybe other members will read this and offer their experiences.

    My compassionate thoughts go to you and poor Sueno.
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      Re: How do I care for a cat with broken jaw? + About a cancer aid campaign

      Thank you. I am posting the diagnosis... in fact, I'm also going to send other images if it helps. I reiterate, I'm from Argentina, so it's in Spanish. But I suppose anybody can google translate? (I have been told Dr Laura Peruzzo is a kind of well known veterinarian oncologist even outside my country, so I hope that counts for something.)

      1. the diagnosis
      2/3. the tumor before the surgery
      4. Sueño just came back home hours ago. I'm trying to let her sleep. Later I will take a photo of her jaw.

      EDIT: I'm adding further studies (blood test, PDF)
      Anyone who wishes to contact me, please do send me a PM. Thanks again.
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