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Please answer, Bumps on cat keep developing

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  • Please answer, Bumps on cat keep developing

    My cat keeps developing these bumps on her skin (picture attatched.) They are pinkish raised bumps. I am very nervous. thank you!
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    Re: Please answer, Bumps on cat keep developing

    Welcome to the forum Kelseyb08! Sorry that it appears to be on worrying terms.

    It is really difficult to differentiate a lump on our pets sometimes, many things look very similar or have such a wide variety of appearances that they can begin to overlap. My recommendation would be to go to visit your veterinarian. They may choose to take a sample from the lump to examine under a microscope. The cells that they see may be able to point them in the direction of which lump this may be. There is always a chance that what they see is non-diagnostic, meaning they don't see any cells which obviously point out the cause of the lump. However, this is definitely a test that is worth doing initially in my opinion.

    I cannot really give any more thought on what it could be as I don't know all the information (number and location of each lump, age of your pet, general etc.). If you are worried about the lump, there is always the possibility of having it surgically removed and sent to a laboratory for them to analyse it.

    Please don't be too nervous at this point. I'm not a veterinarian, so take this with a grain of salt; however please don't be too nervous at this point. There are many lumps which aren't aggressive and aren't harmful. There is every chance this is one of those.

    Hope this helps Kelsey! We would love to hear an update from you with how everything goes. What is your cat's name also?
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