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  • My cat is sick...

    I have a 3 1/2 year old female cat named Lilac. Over the past few months she has had fleas off and on (we get rid of them, they come right back). We've tried both Advantage and Hartz brand flea treatments, but neither has helped. She would somehow manage to eat them off her neck and get sick. Recently she gave me quite a scare, a few nights ago she was sleeping on my desk and I went to wake her up. There was no response, so I picked her up and felt for a heartbeat, luckily she was breathing and there was a beat, but she was completely limp in my arms. Her gums looked a little more white then I'd like to see, and now shes better but still lethargic. My question is, could the flea treatment be causing this? She also has a family history of liver cancer, and it has been fairly warm here the past few weeks. Im really scared and I have a vet appointment, but they can't see her for another week. Does anyone have any advice/ insight into this matter?

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    It sounds like she needs to be checked by a vet much sooner than "in a week." Does your vet realize how strangely and lethargically she is acting? I'm surprised that under the circumstances, they haven't worked her in within 24 hours (or much sooner!) of your call.

    I think I'd insist on it, or find another vet who would. imho, of course :wink:
    Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)


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      I've tried all the vets within 25 miles, including the SPCA. Everyone is booked straight or not taking patients. I even offered to pay extra to be squeezed in, but no luck. Shes doing much better anyways, her gums are pinked up and she's not lethargic anymore. It makes me think that it was the Hartz flea treatment, as I recently found out it can be toxic to cats.