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Cat has Anal Leakage Problem

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  • Cat has Anal Leakage Problem

    My cat is about 6 months old and ever since we've had her, her butt leaks. She'll sit on the floor, and when she gets up there's a wet spot where she was sitting. Thought, it would go away with time, but it seems to get worse and worse. She's been treated for worms, parasites, diarrhea, etc. However, nothing has helped. Also, tried changing her diet, no results.

    I can't see that she is in any pain. She plays all the time, eats normal, acts normal. What could be wrong with her? Any suggestions would be great?

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    Inside the anal tract on either side of the anus are two little glands that escreet a foul smelling liquid that in some animals will build up and build up liquid that normal bowel movements would normally clean out. If its left to build it will begin to leak, leaving behind stinking wet spots almost as if the animals had peed there. Now if this is the case for your cat, it can be delt with, you vet can maunally clean these ducts, it stinks and causes some discomfort durning the procedur, but it will help solve the problem. I would take your cat to the vet and have her assesed for this problem.
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      I would like you to get this cat ASAP to the vet. There is a disorder called Megacolon which is potentially lethal. One of the signs is leakage, and what happens is that the fecal matter cannot pass and becomes stuck and requires immediate vet intervention. This does not mean that your cat has Megacolon, but any time there are changes in your cat, it is best to get your cat into a vet .

      So far that I know, there are no vets on this site. Plus no one can disagnose a cat on the internet, as they must do a physical examination and potentially do tests, x-rays, etc.
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        Thank you for your replies. She has been seen several times at different vets and each time she has something new wrong with her. Such as tape worm, coccidia or some other parasite. Like I said she doesn't act any different, however she does use the litter box more than a normal cat would. She poops almost her body weight in a day. For how much she eats, it doesn't seem normal. She eats about 3/4 c of food in a day.


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          Wow, that definitely doesnt seem normal. A cat isnt physically supposed to be able to release their own body weight ever. Whether it be urin or feces. I am no vet so I cant say what it is, but I would make sure she isnt losing a lot of weight or drinking large amounts of water all the time. After losing fluid constantly and going in the litter box so much she will probably start to get very thin soon. I really dont know what it could be though. Sorry!
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            i had the same problem with my cat and i waited until it was really bad before i took her to the vet.
            come to find out, because she was not fixed, she developed an infection in her uterus. she had to have an emergency spay or she would have died. it was scary. this condition was caused because she was overweight and could not properly clean herself and bacteria had caused the infection. have this checked. hope this helps.


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              Re: Cat has Anal Leakage Problem

              I too have the same problem with my kitten.

              I went searching online to try to find out what it is myself before taking her to the vet again.

              Shes about 9 weeks old and she was a stray. I woke up one morning with her sleeping next to me and little spots of light brown dried up liquid on my sheets.
              Took her to the vet that day because thats just nasty.
              I got her dewormed and she was treated for diahreah
              but no improvement.

              She started pooping on the floor in front of the door instead of her litter box and it was very runny.

              celtechfarms explination sounds like something it could be
              but i dont believe so in my case
              shes only 9 weeks old
              it takes awhile for the sacs to build up
              but im going to have them secreted anyways to try that out

              did you ever find out what was wrong with your kitten or has it stopped?
              I dont want to sound horrible but i really dont want to put up with a poop leaking kitty
              sorry its just not my thing