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    My baby lucy dreaming
    so adorable and funny

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    That is so cute. She is so funny. I love doggie dreams.
    Hi, I'm new here.


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      She is so cute. I wonder what is she dreaming about? :roll: I have done some Googling about pets dreaming and here's what I found. Hope this could help us all understand our pets more. :)

      There are two main types of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and slow wave sleep (SWS). SWS and REM sleep in pets are very similar to that of humans. During this time, the brain processes information learned during the day. Think of it as sorting new information into different mental file folders. At some point during these two kinds of sleep, dreams take over — in humans as well as in pets. Thus, the twitching, tail wagging, yipping, and pawing your dog does in his sleep, or the tail whipping, chattering, yowling and swatting from your napping cat is likely a reliving of whatever experiences he’s had while awake. In humans, scientists have found that when awakened during REM sleep, the subject has reported having a dream. During the REM sleep, the human brain has a lot of “gamma activity” going on, just like it does when the person is awake. This means that essentially, the brain is behaving just as it does when conscious. Since every mammal studied shows the same brain activity during REM sleep as us humans, it’s not such a leap to believe that your pet really is dreaming. Adult dogs spend about 10 to 12 percent of their sleeping time in REM sleep. Puppies and kittens spend a much greater proportion of their sleep time in REM sleep, which makes sense since they’ve been so busy all day exploring their new world. They have tons of new data to process, sort and store into their memories.