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Is it "just a pet"?

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  • Is it "just a pet"?

    I had a very hard time deciding when the time was right for my pal of 15 years. Apparently, so did he because, when the signs were given by him & the decision & arrangements were made by me, he started to show a little of his past zest for life. This made me postpone things. The minute that I did this, he started to slip. Stubborn right to the end, the little bugger. Agony, guilt, loss, & all before the trip to the vet. Thank God it was quick, but I held him for a long time just in case. He/we had a good life & a great friendship together. I'm so lucky to have had that time.
    Some said after that I should "get on with it", "let it go", "put it into perspective". I could not grasp the concept of the sometimes hidden message "it's just a pet, not a person." No person knew my emotional shifts like him or even from another room when my tears needed to be kissed away. No person knew that I was sick before I did or how to be just close enough to always touch without being "in the way". The perceptive accuracy of this dog was like no person I have ever known. "Just a pet" to someone else perhaps, bonded soul to me.

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    I'm very sorry for your loss. My mom had to put down one of her horses today. Her mare foaled a lethal white stud colt. If you do not know what lethal white is it's a genetic deformality that ultimatly causes the baby to die.

    And your right. It's not "just a pet". Your pet was (most likely) treated as a member of the family for hopefully all of his life. He was your furbaby. No one can tell you otherwise.

    Did you have to euthanize him recently? Perhaps you could do a ceremony in his honor. If you are religious I'm sure your pastor would help.

    I am a minister myself. I'll be doing a funeral for my mothers Lethal White baby on Friday. (He was named Galliantly Rebel.. because he faught for life till the end).

    Do not let anyone pressure you into feeling something you know you shouldn't . He was your baby and that's all that matters.

    Blessed Be,

    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      Aw, what a beauitful dog.
      They do always seem to perk up right at the end, don't they?
      I cancelled an appointment four times for a similar reason!
      Maybe they respond to the immense emotion we are feeling and exuding from our core....


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        He is such a beautiful dog to let go and I understand how you feel...

        Just be mindful that although he's not around anymore, nobody can take away those precious memories you had with him.
        I breathe rock n roll and I am proud to be the voice for animals.


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          he is so cute.
          I`m so sorry about the loss of snowball.
          It is very sad.
          Animals always become best friends.


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            A pet for that long is never "just a pet". you get to know each other like the best of friends.. I'm very sorry for you, and I hope you feel better. Just know that you made your dog extremely happy, and it knew how much you loved it, and it probably love you just as much, if not more.


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              I honestly cried looking at this board. All the threads are so sad...

              I'm so sorry about Snowball... I've never had any of my pets die, but I know what you mean when people say it's "Just a pet", it's so annoying. Animals are as good as people, and when a person dies, you cry. I don't understand how people can have the heart to say it's "just a pet"...


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                im very sorry for your loss... :( its very hard to loose a pet they are a very big and important part of your family. i agree that they are far more observant, and loving than most people.


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                  This is really good.I honestly say he is so cute. He is such a beautiful dog.


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                    I m so sorry for lost of your dog. Dog is really very beautiful. I understand your feelings. Dogs are our best friends and so honest. They are like our family members.
                    I also lost my dog last month and its also looked like your dog. I never forget my dog.