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'Slaughter Is Worse Than Murder' - poem

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  • 'Slaughter Is Worse Than Murder' - poem

    'Slaughter is worse than murder'

    I loved him oh so much, but the rules are to be tough,
    He loved me right back, so i let his lead hang slack,
    His colour was odd, but still i loved his bod,
    He was my little man, i was his biggest fan,
    Together we competed, together we were defeated,
    We won a sash together, we couldn't have done better,
    He was a great walker, not much of a talker,
    Months of feeding and grazing, training and complaining,
    All put to waste, without much haste,
    Some showed no emotion at the time of commotion,
    It was time for the truck, which was just my luck,
    I led him to the yard, my god it was so hard,
    I took off his halter, i know my love wont falter,
    I told him i loved him, i kissed and i hugged him,
    I let him go, hoping he wasn't to know where he was to go,
    I cried and i screamed, i yelled till i steamed,
    I looked at the truck, perhaps i shouldve ducked,
    For looking through the cracks, over cattles backs,
    Was my little guy, staring as the sun set in the sky,
    I stared back at him, then ran to meet him,
    I couldn't believe he'd known it was me,
    I couldn't believe how far he could see,
    But i know for sure he was looking at me,
    I patted him through the cracks, but couldn't reach his back,
    We waited for the trucks to leave, don't know what i hoped to achieve,
    I escaped Caitlin's headlock, attempted a one man roadblock,
    I screamed at the driver he'd made a mistake, he had a steer he could not take,
    He laughed and drove round me, took with him my baby,
    My little man was gone, he left me on my own,
    My boy is the lucky one for he need not live on...

    By Lauren King, October 2005

    This poem, i wrote late last year.. when my steer was slaughtered after a show, he was a beef animal and bred only for that purpose. The slaughter of a steer is a huge thing to me, it is one of the most painful things to put so much effort into the breaking in of an animal, you love them, they love you, when you have a special relationship with the animal, one like none of the people around you have, one where you understand each other and trust each other with anything like alot of you do with horses and other animals.. just to have an awesome fun show, where you continue to become more and more like best friends, to then be the responsible for putting this animal you have loved so much onto the truck, knowing exactly where he is going, why he is going there, what will happen when he gets there, what he will be thinking on the way, when he gets there and when hes gone up to cow heaven, knowing someone will be eating them and thinking nothing of it, knowing you were the one that put him on that over crowded truck, these animals know, they are not stupid, not at all.. and knowing this, feeling the pain of putting them on that truck knowing all thses things, is simply murderous.. everyones all sycho about horse slaughter but nobody cares about beef slaughter, its just a stupid cow, but then the thought of a horse turns stomachs, what is the difference? I have not eaten beef or any beef product since 31st of October 2004 i think thats about 22-23mnths so far.. that was the day my 1st steer was slaughtered, my 1st ever steer an animal i will remember forever.. i have lost many steers since than... and soon in a few months ill lose yet another... and hes one of the best ive had yet, this will be another really hard one. Lauren

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    No one cares because we eat cows versus horses. I think cows are beautiful animals if you take care of them. I'm not sure why people eat them of all animals, because cows, along with pigs, are very fattening, which would be no surprise the US is one of the fattest countries in the world. There's leaner meats out there, but still, same problem. I still feel a lot of slaughterhouses use primitive methods. It should be a one-shot kill, really. There's no reason to play around with it and torture it. I don't ask that people stop eating meat completely, though lowering the amount this country eats would be nice, but at the very least I like to say "Good meat is clean meat, not tortured."

    Good poem, btw. I'm sorry about your cow. Is it possible to get a job switch so you don't have to be around such a depressing environment?


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      I do not understand how anyone can do this.

      Sorry, but how anyone can live with and love an animal, and then watch it, or allow it to be slaughtered is absolutely beyond me. I would think that this would cause people to be vegetarian when they see the emotion and affection that animals have.


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        I dont understand how people can do it either its so damn wrong.. im a student, i do it with the school.. i enjoy it i love the animals and love to work with them, show them, do everything with them, and then they are takin from me at the show and slaughtered by the schools orders, the public then buy and eat him, i can buy him but not alive, i am only permitted to buy the carcase.. :'( its the worst thing.. i dont see why we cant all eb vegetarians, agian im not asking ppl to cos i eat meat, but not beef, most wont eat horse and even more are strongly agains their slaughter but their is no difference.. i will ride my steer when he is fo age.. he will never die of anything btu old age and if he does it will not be to slaughter and he will be buried whole.. not eaten.. ever its just so wrong.. and so hard to believe.. just liek today.. the crocodile hunter, steve irwin and australian icon, has been killed, i am in tears simply over this, and most things really need to hurt me like the loss of a steer to make me cry, this guy was way famous and an awesome guy, eh owns a zoo, and today he was killed while filming a documentry.. stung by a stingray, went straight through his chest, dead 10mins later. The world we live in is too unfair... for us and the cattle, and then people make it worse.. by eating more.. it maks you think wht is the world coming to?

        RIP steve irwin RIP


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          Very sorry for the deaths. You wrote it very well. People have different ways of thinking and responding deaths. I think they get calm down through different processes like weaping, crying, disappointing, sitting alone, writing autopsy, collecting memories and going backward to recalling the time they spent with their loving one.


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