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My cat killed my dog!!!! Help...

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  • My cat killed my dog!!!! Help...

    Last Thursday my fiance returned home and found our cat, Avery, brutally murdered. We have had this cat for almost 4 years since my Mom found her as a feral kitten. In our house we also have another cat, Lexie, and my two dogs, Rudy, a 4 1/2 year old American Bulldog, and Charlie, a large hound mix that I found about 2 years ago when he was 3 months old. Until this point all my animals coexisted beautifully together, and would even sleep together. If I would have had any inclination this could have happened I would have done something, but I just didn't.

    I am heartbroken so sad for my sweet girl. We pretty much determined that the dog responsible is the hound mix, Charlie, because he is the only one with scratches, and he is the only one that would sometimes show her the most interest (not ever aggressive though!). This cat was a little skittish at times and would run around, and would hide a lot while my other cat behaves more like a dog. I loved her all the same and I am completely devasted and depressed. It is one thing if your animal is old or sick, but for her to have suffered at the hands of another animal in our house is more than I can bear.

    I have not been able to deal with the dog that I think caused this still and it has almost been a week. I loved this dog, he was my baby, but he has caused me so much pain that I don't even want him around me. My fiance won't let me give him away because he thinks I will be worse off, but I don't know what to do. Everytime I look at him I think of my poor cat that still stand a chance against his 100 lbs.

    Is anyone out there that can offer me some words of comfort. All my friends and family can do is tell me how horrible the situation is, which is something I know and can't seem to get past. I am sick of crying.


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    I'm so sorry for your loss, this is truely tragic. You should definatly take the time to try to come to terms with this and perhaps start creating your dogs when your not home to watch over them. Again so sorry for your loss.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      i am so srry i kinda no how u feel only it was my dog that killed my other dog . but i still kept her its hard i no but u have to decide for ur self i would say keep her because u dont no if it was the cat that maybe started the fight or the dog i no it might remind u of ur poor kitty but u have to be very catious about animals that dont usualy get along im not goin to tell u wether or not to keep her u have to decide for ur self but ur fiance may be rite it mite just give u even more heart break so decide and let me no try to make a decision that will make u happy trust me u will remember her always but imagine how the dog will feel having to leave the person that saved him and has been taking care of him since a puppy :) good luck let me no as soon as possible k id like to here more about it.



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        I say don't give Charlie away. Maybe you can ask a loved one to look after him for awhile while you adjust with your losses.


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          First, I m very sorry about your loss of cat. It is such a horrible tragedy. I think dogs are the big enemy of cats and can't leave them. You needed to put your cats to another place far away from dogs. Now you beware in future.