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    Just wanted to share my experience if it ever can help anyone who ever has to go through this.

    My parent's/family dog Mandy was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago. We were told there was not treatment possible and it was inoperable.

    It is inoperable-that much is true (it's a brain stem tumour).

    However there is one centre in Canada (it was in Saskatoon but has moved temporarily to Calgary) and I'm sure they are opening up elsewhere-that treats cancer in pets! (the centre that treated our dog treated cats and rabbits too).

    They do radiation and/or chemo and I think it's imperative that when your dog (or any other pet) is given a 'no chance' outcome to phone around, search on the internet and see what other options there are. Just like Dr.'s vets don't always know about every option. So keep your mind open and look around!

    The centre she was treated at was wonderful. They usually treat pets who come from other cities and are totally set up for that. You get a call EVERY day to tell you how they are doing. They wander free in the clinic after their treatment and socialize with the vets there. They go home every night with a vet or vet student. Mandy did not want to leave when her treatment was up-it was a very home like environment. They even sent us pictures of her dressed up as a vet for halloween and we still visit when we go through that province.

    Anyways-wanted to share my experience!!

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    very sorry! your pet has diagonised having cancer in brain. I think it is quite difficult to operate as it is perhaps very costly and demanding too much labvour and precaution. If during operation any mishappening takes place it is too dangerous to your pet. It may go into coma or loss its nervous system. please consult a perfect vet to treat it


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      Very informative. Our dog was just started about a week ago on MT. 1mg. in the morning. 1mg. at night. I noticed he now has very, very dry skin. He’s flaking all over. He never had this before. Could this be a side affect of the MT? My Vet told me he has 16 dogs on this therapy and none have had any side affects. What do you think?

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        oh so sorry to hear that. Yo know what my friend told me that "Dogs rarely die of cancer. They usually succumb to secondary liver or kidney failure. These are cancer side effects that can usually be avoided by controlling the diet". Take care of your dog :)


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            Cancer is an unfortunately common disease of dogs. For dogs over 10 years of age, approximately 50% of deaths are cancer-related. Like humans, there are many types of cancers and many clinical signs seen.
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              If during operation any mishappening takes place it is too dangerous to your pet. It may go into coma or loss its nervous system. please consult a perfect vet to treat it.
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                I have heard some news about this. I would really cry if my dog will get one. Anybody knows where this cancer come from? How many months should it take until a dog dies because of it?

                I think there are no specialists for dog cancer in Asia. Thats why its pretty common cause of death among dogs.
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