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  • muffins story.

    my grandmother had a staffy pit bull mix she found downtown, after a dog fight we think the police came and evrey1 ran, and left this small "bate" puppy in a garbage bag with another dogs blood all over it, i heard this is a technic to get the dogs to fight, anyway. She saw it and ran to the vet, which was close by. He had alot of things wrong with her , ringworm, gash wounds, and she had a really bad tick and flea problem. But my grandma no matter how many people told her she would die, kept on trying. Well believe it or not this lil miracle pup survived. But sadly, 15years later at 87 my grandma died, so i took the dog named Muffy (muffin), this dog sat by the window all day and all night only left to eat and go to the bathroom and then ran right back wating for her. Well after having him for 2 weeks he died. at the ripe age of 15 he died at the vet. No-one knows why, he was doing great when my grandmma was alive, but i think she just..gave up. Its like for her it wasnt worth living without my grandma there.. this happended a year ago, i just wanted to share my story. Now despite the cemetary owners bitterness, muffin lays right next to my grandma, where she always wanted to be. :cry:
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    What a sweet story....


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      My Grandma died many years ago...3 weeks after my Grandfather. Grandma just seemed to give up &/or give in.
      We know how intuitive animals are about so many things. It does not surprise me. Glad to hear that they are together again.


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        First, I m very sorry for you loss. I read your story ad its very beautiful. I think they are happy to live together again. I haven't lost my grandmother. My prayers and wishes with you.


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            I have always believed that animals have reasons to live, and when they don't have the will or desire to continue, because they can no longer find a reason to live, they pass.

            That was a really sweet story, thank you for sharing. It feels really romantic to die because the one you loved has passed... it takes a lot more strength of heart to live though.
            I have 2 humans, 2 dogs, and 2 cats and we all live together HUMANELY (and go through a lot of dog food, let me tell ya).