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  • Mitzie

    Last July, I lost my precious Yorkie, Mitzie. She was 11 years old and died very suddenly of heart failure. I was in shock at first,then I cried for days. She was such a special little dog. She was very calm and never barked. I loved her so much and held her as they put her to sleep. My face was the last face she saw and my voice the last she heard. When the dr told me she was gone,I just went hysterical, beggging and begging her not to leave me.
    Mitzie and I were very attached to each other. She was of great comfort to me when my son became ill.
    I did not have a compassionate vet. She decided I had been there long enough and tok my arm and said,"Come on, it's time for you to leave". I looked over my shoulder to get one last look at Mitzie and she stepped in my line of vision and said,"NO! The dog is dead. Your dog is dead". Then she shut the door in my face. I stood outside, devastated. I did call the head vet and told him what she did and he was very apologetic. I've known him almost 25 years and I wish it had been him there because he was so compassionate.
    Now,here I am. It hurts SO MUCH to be without her. I just can't seem to get over her. It's like a knife in my heart when I realize I'll never see her again. We have one other Yorkie who is really big,23 pounds. He's a sweet boy but more my husbands's dog.
    Can someone PLEASE help me to finally accept Mitzie's death? People keep telling me to go get anotherr one but I don't want to. This tore my heart out and I never want to have that happen to me again.

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    I feel so bad for you and i can't belive a vet would say that i would be frustrated. One thing you might want to think about and this is what helps me because i had a jack russell terrier die... I think that he/she has gone to a better place and that they are ther right now i think my dog is running some where in our feild just as happy as can be. I also have a yorkie and she is 11 years old we bought her at the vet when i was 2 she was sick and my mom just gave in. Right now she has cancer so every single night i have to say good night and i love you about 10 times before i can go to my bed. i have to because i am scared i will wake up and she will have passed away. but any way your little yorkie is right beside you even though you can't see her she is there and will never leave you.
    :D meg :D
    Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
    Airdale terrier = 2 years old
    Soon to be horse owner


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      Thank you so much. I am still extremely upset. I miss her so much, it hurts. My husband wants to get another dog but I'm not ready yet. I keep seeing those chocolate brown eyes and her Tina Turner hair and my heart breaks all over again. My husband is trying to help me but I think he thinks I should have accepted it by now.
      He was out of town the other night when the tears came and I called him. He was asleep but sat up and talked to me. I was just sobbing. He said,"Honey, she was your baby and I can't even begin to imagine your pain. But you WILL get through this and I will help you. I loved her too and hate that I couldn't with you when this happened. But you are going to be ok. And you will see Mitzie again someday". He reminded me that she was no longer suffering and that was a blessing.
      I know he's right but I sure miss my baby. Many people don't understand my pain over a dog but there's much more to it then that. I come from an abusive home and once witnessed my Father beat my dog up. I was only 13. I managed to get to her and run upstairs and locked the door. I sat up with her all night,holding ice on her back. My Father knew he had made a mistake I would would never forgive him for. From then on, my dog was with me all the time and she died at age 12.
      My dogs have always given me a sense of love and security and they all have live to be 15 or 16 years old.....except for Mitzie.
      I know I will be ok and someday wil laugh at the funny things she did but right now,I'm just too devastated to even look at a picture of her. :cry:


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        Please read this article from our website:
        I think that it will help you a lot.

        Please also go out and buy the book
        The Loss of a Pet, by Wallace Sife.

        No one can say anything that will help you. You just have to let it run it's course, but you can feel free to talk to us about it...but please read that article and read that book. It helped me a great deal when I lost my favorite dog a few years ago.


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          Thanks so much. I'm not crying as much and am beginning to remember fun times with Mitzie. I always marveled at how intuitive she could be. She would almost sense before I did that I was giving her a bath. I'd go to get her and the rocking chair would be rocking but no Mitzie.
          I know I will get better but I cherished her so much. I hope she knew that.


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            I m so sorry for heard about your loss. Serious pain getting over you. I know its very awful time for you. When we lost our loved pet and its so painful to us. Its difficult to forgot them.
            Pets are like our family members. You should trying to accept that she died. You go to grief counseling and its good way to deal with your grief. My friend also suffered same situation like you then he also join grief counsel.
            I pray to God for give you some relief.
            May she rest in peace.