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Just a little funny.

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  • Just a little funny.

    It was a fairly cool today so me and my kids decided to go out and work in the garden. So we're pulling up the corn and my 7 year old finds this caterpillar covered in ants.

    So she picks it up and brushes all the ants off and she's holding this little thing in the palm of her hand. I looked at it and said "it's dead honey, go give it a funeral"

    So she stands there a minute and then starts slowly walking away.

    Then she jumps up real excited a second later and goes "look it moved!!!"

    So we're standing there watching this little thing half ass move (the "death" movements more or less). I told her again it's dead and to go put it in a hole.

    She goes "can't you just give it some medicine or something and make it better like you do with the dogs??"


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    Aww, lol.

    I just love the way kids minds work :)
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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      Yeah--and apparently her mind thought I was stocked up on caterpillar medications. LOL


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        Thats so funny, my brother thought that baby's came from outer space and that when you die u play hide and seek for the rest of your life!
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          Yeah, the funny story :)
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            lol very nice and intereseting


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              Lol. Very funny. I'm glad how some little children appreciates animals and even insects. :)


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                It's really so funny but interesting.Thank..


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                  lovely kid :)
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                    nice story =) :roll:
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                      So fun! LOL...:))


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                        Great story!
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