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Looking For a Pet Shop... Help?!?

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  • Looking For a Pet Shop... Help?!?

    I have been struggling to find a decent pet shop with a combination of great products and competitive prices, came across these guys: Has anyone else bought products from them? If so then a bit of advice will be kindly welcomed!
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    Re: Looking For a Pet Shop... Help?!?

    I've never heard of them. My local pet shop 2 minutes from my house is a good pet shop, small but can get things ordered in.
    Where abouts in the UK are you? We may know of some good pet shops near you.
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      Re: Looking For a Pet Shop... Help?!?

      I buy at various online pet stores, I have been using the same food for my ferret and cat for several years now. If I forget to order food or filler in advance. then I go to the local pet store and buy there (although it turns out a little more expensive)