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  • Important school website

    Hi, I have made a forum (like others) that I will keep forever. In my English class, we were instructed to make anything we’d like (in our interest), rather it’d be a dress, physical object, electronic, game, app, (someone actually made a bike once!), website, etc.

    I, chose website, and I need your help.

    I need aproximately 15 people joining the site, and I need two more administrators on the website. I already have two friends from my school as admins.

    This is related to English because we need to have this done by April, 24th, and we need to explain why we did this in a presentation to 150 people. My goal (which you don’t fail if you don’t achieve it, by the way), is to have it be advanced in design.

    I’ll need…

    -Title pictures
    -Plugin support
    - Theme help
    - More members
    - ACTIVITY on the forum

    We need a purpose to what me made, too. My forum is dedicated to being a social media in which people can talk about mental health problems or personal struggles.

    It would mean so much to me if you joined.

    Thank you all.

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    Re: Important school website

    Normally we wouldn't allow links to other forums, but it relates to a non-animal subject and you have put this post in the "Break Room". Also, your mention of the forum is in plain text at the bottom, not in html. So your thread can stay.

    I have joined your forum, to increase your membership, but I cannot promise to find time to post on it. Every best wish with your English project.
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      Re: Important school website

      Not bad, as for the first such project