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New Lion King (2019) Movie Posters

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  • New Lion King (2019) Movie Posters

    Hey everybody :)

    In the spirit of remaking every movie ever made, Hollywood has decided to do a Lion King remake. As much as i am not a fan of remakes the new posters for this movie look super cool. I think the animals in the posters are CGI but they actually look like real lions, pretty amazing. Wanted to link you guys to the article with all the posters, and a short trailer for the movie. my personal favorite poster is "Scar", the old scar was very evil and cartoony looking but the one in the new Lion King looks like a badass :D

    link to article:
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    Re: New Lion King (2019) Movie Posters

    Pumbaa's smile in his poster is the greatest thing! Although I do agree Scar's poster is incredible.

    I'm very impressed with how realistic they all look compared to the real animals, fantastic CGI work by Disney. Thanks for sharing those TaurusLove420 :)
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      Re: New Lion King (2019) Movie Posters

      Sadly, It sucked, they made timon and pumba gay, which is totally not the relationship they had in the first one. It’s like making someone married who wasn’t, but worse cause they are animals of a completely different species and are both males which is not how things work in the animal kingdom. It would of been a good movie if they hadn’t changed things so much, they should of just stuck to the original and made it good animation.
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