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  • Just too stubborn

    I have 4 dogs: Boomer, 240lb St. Bernard; Tucker, 70lb lab boxer mix; Tucker's girlfriend, Pepper, lab boxer mix; and Tucker and Pepper's son, Louie who is 4 months old.

    The problem is Tucker. He is the most stubborn dog I have ever seen in my life and discipline? He just does not listen! I have tried the basics and moved on to the spray bottle accompanied with the strong word "no". Doesn't even make him pause. And the worst? A cat strolling by the house starts him barking and literally shaking shaking shaking...

    Any thoughts would be welcome!

    C. Lane

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    The best place to start is a structured course in obedience. Most obedience clubs have group classes which are reasonably priced. We have had many dogs, and have discovered that the obedience class really helped us to get the different aspects of training organized into the correct order for really making some progress.

    Also, if you google NILIF or Nothing In Life Is Free, you will find articles on this approach to not only training, but the method for interacting with your dog on a day to day basis at home.

    Both of these aspects of training make for the pets who are the most fun to live with at home. And training is a constant project, throughout the dog's life.

    Our local club has an orientation before the class starts which teaches the importance of dog owner responsibility, which we found very useful.

    The course helped us to learn how to apply the basics of training.

    Good Luck and Welcome to the forum.


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      Punishment can be an effective 'tool' in your kit. But it isn't suitable for all situations or all dogs at all times. Also, as a rule, it must be used in conjunction with other methods in order to be understood and effective. Punishment without other measures generally just becomes nagging, which we all tend to ignore when it happens often and we get desensitised to it. Is it possible this is what has happened?

      NILIF is a great training principle and also helps you to remember that you need to use positive reinforcement(rewards, Good Things) in order to teach your dog the 'right' behaviour, not just berate him for the 'wrong' things. Make it worth his while to listen to you.



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        I would only like to add that you should highly consider having him (and Pepper) neutered. A dog's life is run on hormones. This alone can make them seem like the most stubborn, hard headed, impossible creatures. Their goal in life is to reproduce--over and over and over again. For as long as those hormones run his life, he will continue to run yours. The only option is to eliminate this from his mind by having both him (AND HER) sterilized.

        After this is done, then you can work further on making him understand that YOU are the alpha of the pack (training).

        Once he is neutered and the hormones taken out of his thinking, his life will consist of two things--having fun and pleasing you.


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          Agree thoroughly with DogMom.

          Not knowing his age, and thinking also of others who read this that may have a 'wait and see' attitude to hormone related problems, I would stress fix that problem sooner, rather than later. The longer you leave it, for him/her to mature and experience those hormones, the more often the behaviour associated with it gets reinforced & becomes habit, or at least stronger. That means that once the dog's 'fixed', there's a fair chance at least some of the behaviour will continue without the hormones.

          If you aren't serious about breeding from the start, you're therefore far better desexing before they get the experiences.