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Lark, SERIOUSLY Almost Lost an Eye! (slightly graphic)

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  • Lark, SERIOUSLY Almost Lost an Eye! (slightly graphic)

    Not sure quite what she ran into yet I'm going to do some searching this weekend. But she was running around in a neighbors tall grass prairie on wednesday when suddenly I heard her yelp and she came out of the long grass trotting towards me with blood streaming down her face and in here eye socket for all I could tell at that moment her eye was gone and I started to seriously panic.

    I walked over to her holding out my hands just saying "Oh My God" over and over again. I yelled to my neighbor that I needed a ride home right now so I could call the vet and get her in.

    Once the blood stopped oozing out of her head I was able to make out that in fact her eye was still there but she had a long gash from the base of her muzzle, thru her lower eyelid, and reaching up all the way to the top of her ear. It was so deep I could see the distinct view of a thin layer of tissue over her skull a half inch deep into the gash.

    When I got him it was 4:45pm and the vet who lives 20 minutes away was going to close in 15 minutes. I gave them a call and they just said "Bring her in"

    SO I rushed her in, they put her under anesthesia, cleaned out the wound and stitched her up. We were there till 6:30pm and Lark was the only one there but there were no complaints from the staff, they are all great people.

    Here is my little girl after the vet. They had to stitch her lower eyelid and the outside corner of her eye back together and then the long stitch reaching back to the ear. The beginning of the gash starts about an inch and a half below her eye which you can see as a red slice.
    (this picture makes her muzzle look really long because of lens distortion)
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