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My little papillon is a mama!!!

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  • My little papillon is a mama!!!

    We are all so very excited for him.

    My 3 year old son was playing in the backyard (privacy fenced in yard) and he comes walking in the back door with this kitten. He said the kitten was in the tree. Ever since, Baby Diddle (this is what my son calls the kitten) has adopted Dexter. Dex has taught him how to wrestle, bite and scratch while playing without hurting. They eat, sleep and play together. The kitten has taught himself to use the litterbox and even to go in and out the pet door. (I think he watched the other cats for these two).

    It just amazes me that such a close relationship has developed between a dog and cat so quickly. I estimate that Baby Diddle is about 10 weeks old now and he's been hanging around for almost 2 weeks. So, Dexter has been teaching him, just as a sibling would, how to play nicely without hurting. I have been trying for days now to get at least one pic of them wrestling, but they are a blur. I've used my digital camera and my phone, but all I get is a black/orange/white splotch. I got this one when I plastered the kitchen island with roast
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