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  • At a Loss , ???????

    I don`t even know if i should be on this site , but man do I need help !!! I have 3 dogs , 1 is 14 ,dobi/shep+(male)
    1 is 3 coyote/husky+(female)the problem child5yr old miniture schauzer...Was never a problem befor , but is now turning over a new leaf ....My 3 year old is a fixed female , and the mini is constantly trying to , how do I say this politely , hmmm, trying to have his way with her ......WHY ??... It is driving us crazy , now the
    female is starting to snap at him , she only takes it so much , and this dog is a very easy-going dog , so for her to snap at him is very unlike her ..
    This is constantly , I mean every minute , I have to now separate them , when the mini is outside , female is inside , female outside , mini inside , you get the point....They all just use to sleep anywhere in the house , now I have to put the 2 of them in separate areas ,I am telling you this is very frustrating......I am a man , I know we have needs , but man oh man , when will he take No for an answer ?
    The reason I don`t know if I belong on this site , is because I have mixed dogs , and see that most of you have pure , Is this site for us "mixed" people as well?
    Treat pets,like you want to be treated , You chose them, they didn`t choose you !

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    This site is definitely for mixed breeds - they are our favorites (grin).
    OK, key thing you forgot to mention - are ALL the dogs fixed or just the female?

    If the male is not fixed - well, duh - there is your problem! (smile).

    You need to run to the vet and get him snipped!!!!
    If he is snipped already then let us know how old he was when he got neutered and if the OTHER male in the house is fixed.


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      Yep The males are fixed as well . the problem child ,Mozart , was fixed at 13 months , and he has been doing this for only about a month now ..After i wrote the first post , I went out and put up a 60ft run for him , because the female is getting very irritated , as most women would , so here I am feeing like crap cause I have 2 acres of well fenced area for my dogs , and My little one can`t enjoy it , as he always had , so Now I let him off on his own , when the female is in the house, otherwise I am constantly , worried of what may happen........ :?: :?: :?:
      Treat pets,like you want to be treated , You chose them, they didn`t choose you !


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        PetPal, the next time you are at the vet, I would mention this to him. It may be that both of his testicles were not descended and so only ONE got removed. This happens mroe often than you would think so it would be worth your vet re-examining him to make sure. is behavior sure does sound extreme for a neutered male!


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          This could also be a dominance thing, as mounting sometimes is. I had a female foster that was constanly trying to mount my male lab. Whenever this happend I would put the dog that was mounting into a submissive postion on her back, and allow the other dog to sniff and stand over her...after a few weeks she stopped the behavior.....but the beauty of dogs is that no matter if they are even the same breed or from the same litter no two dogs are the same.

          Good Luck


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            first of all, I would have the bitch he is attentive to checked at your vet. Sometimes if a bitch is running a low grade urinary tract infection, it can be perceived by males as tho she is in season.

            If she is healthy, as hard as it is, I would NOT separate them, I would let the bitch handle it.

            She will eventually, let him know to LEAVE HER ALONE>

            Separating him will not help.

            Other considerations would be to use something to interrupt this behavior, and then distract him with something attractive and reward him for his new interest.

            Such as, use a good spray bottle. I like the small 2 quart pump up sprayers you can find at WalMart for about 8 bucks. Fill it up, and pump it up. Dial it down to a fine stream.

            When he is being rude to the other dog, spritz him good. Aim for the head area, this tends to interrupt behaviors best.

            The instant he stops to find out what is going on with the water spurt on his head, CALL him to you, ask for a sit, and reward him. If the dog will not come when called, this is a good time to shape that behavior as well. Let him drag a thin cord while he is in the house under your supervision. Keep it long enough so that it is easy for you to get to. Have the end in your hand when you spritz to interrupt the mounting behavior. Immediately GENTLY reel him in while you are SMILING and verbally PRAISING him. As soon as he gets to you, stuff a tasty goody in his mouth. Now he is not only learning not to annoy your older girl, he is also learning to come when you call him. You are putting yourself in a leadership position, and helping the dog to learn a new more positive behavior to replace the old behavior you do NOT like.

            Do not scold him or try to interrupt his mounting behavior with her in any other way. Your silence is important, as if you ARE quiet, he will not associate YOU with this correction. All he will know is, when he does this, something wet and fairly unpleasant hits him in the head. LOL

            This is an excellent shaping and correction tool for most puppies, as you do not have to use body language. Any of you have those puppies out there who ignore your verbal warning until you start to get up and move tward them? It does not take them long to figure out nothing is going to happen if you are sitting there. The spray bottle eliminates this, and allows you to make humane corrections from a good distance.

            Interrupt problem or undesireable behaviors with the spritz. Distract the dog, ask for a known behavior, such as sit, and then food reward it.

            Works like a charm most of the time, with no stress, no yelling, no rushing across the room.

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              My dog is a mixie! Lol hes a bichy poo..or a poochon..or a bichoodle..Or w/e you want to call it
              ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!