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Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

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  • Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

    Hi everyone

    So we got a new car at the start of the year.... A DSA vehicle I believe it is a Peugeot gt line 3008 model. Well that's what my mum choose the vehicle is for my mum to drive my to and from uni. We used to have an Ford S max I believe it was..... Ok so the dog was able to get into the s max without a problem (he's a lab, he's mild hip dysplasia but is being treated) he was able to get in and out of the s max boot without a problem he always loved going in to the car but... Ever since we got the new car... The Peugeot 3008 it's almost as if he's afraid of going in a car again! As when I was at using throughout February-March-April and may we had to leave the dog at home as he just wouldn't get in the car... It's like he's afraid of it (I know the boot is higher in this car as well so I'm unsure if this is the problem or not but I've bought multiple different ramps and steps for the dog to try to get into the car but he just won't go I can't figure out what's wronge or what to do ?? I'm grateful that this semester was only one day but Septembers semester is supposed to be 4 days long and I can't leave the dog home all day without exercise as I'd be in from 9-5pm... Any advice on what to do or how to get the dog in? He doesn't even get excited when I say the word car anymore.... Please help I don't want the dog to be afraid of this care but he's not normally afraid of things... I dunno why he's acting thing way.. Any advice is appreciated!! As I'm currently trying to train to get in for next semester. I'm using the clicker with treats which he loves but it doesn't seem to work... And he's usually very responsive with clicker training :/ so this is why I can't figure out what's wronge. Please help

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    Re: Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

    This sounds peculiar Animal-lover... Being a Labrador you'd think that they would respond well to clicker training and treats. I found this website has a lot of interesting techniques that you may choose to use. It discusses making sure that they feel comfortable with jumping into the car. Is there any chance that your dog just hasn't gotten comfortable with the Peugeot yet?

    I'll also mention this briefly, but I've always been a believer that sudden behavioural changes may be worth a trip to the vet. I don't think this is probably needed here, as the new car could very likely be the reason. But, it may be worth keeping in the back of your mind. Behavioural changes can sometimes be linked with some underlying disease.

    Best of luck with getting them to jump into the car. Please keep us updated on how training goes
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      Re: Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

      Great advice from Wrax above. Just another idea you could try: what about letting your dog sit on the back seat of the car, rather than in the boot? Our dog just loves going on the back seat! We have bought a harness, with a separate short attachment which fits into a standard car seat belt fixing at one end, and clips on the harness at the other.
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        Re: Help! I can't get the dog into the new car!!

        It probably doesn't smell right. It smells like a strange, alien place. Plus he'll pick up on any tension you might be feeling. and any urgency.
        The car needs peeing on !! haha (you don't have to take me TOO literally....but...well...)

        What do you have that really has his scent on it? A blanket or something would do, and something with your scent on it. No, not washing powder or dryer sheets....what I mean is your scent and his scent. Then put that on the seat next to you. Sit in the car. Look relaxed, and maybe even eat in there....(his favourite food would be good)

        Read or something, or listen to some low sound music. Whistle him. Pat the seat next to you, and say "come on, jump in and join me". Put some of your food down on the blanket next to you. Keep all the doors open while you do this.

        Don't.....stare him in the eyes, or let him feel any tension or urgency from you, but call him or whistle him every now and then, like an afterthought. Really make an interesting feature of the food you are eating.
        Stay at it a while. If it doesn't work....then do the same again next day, and so on.
        Be prepared to sit in there an hour or so.

        As soon as he jumps in next to you, make a happy noise, scratch his ears etc. But definitely give him some of your food!!
        No -NOT dog kibble. Something much tastier!

        Let him pee on the car tyres if he wants to.

        If it works, repeat it, day after day until he's not just comfortable, but happy to jump in of his own accord.

        This will not work if he's on a leash! Let him be free. So do it in a safe place where there's no passing traffic.
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