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Dog eats twigs and leaves

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  • Dog eats twigs and leaves

    My dog eats small twigs and leaves. He'll be sniffing around the ground, and boom he's eaten some little thing. How can I get him to stop doing this? I could teach him "leave it", but he eats the stuff so quickly I'm not sure that will help.

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    Re: Dog eats twigs and leaves

    I wouldn't be too concerned about dogs eating leaves or grass. It's quite normal for many dogs, as long as they are being safe. I've heard it believed that some dogs eat these because they either enjoy the taste of them, or they are mildly fibre deficient and its their way of getting fibre. Here is an article you might find interesting

    Depending on how big the twigs are would be my only concern. You wouldn't want a sharp twig going down the wrong way. Another article you may find helpful:
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