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Puppy eats her own poop :(

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  • Puppy eats her own poop :(

    Hi all,

    Pls help puppy is 4 mths old and she has been eating her own poop whenever we are not at home or when we r not looking (this has been going on for weeks!). We've tried putting pepper on her poop, shouted "NO" when she goes near her poop and even putting the product DETER in her food. Everything don't seems to work.

    As we live in the city apartment, so our pup has to poop and wee indoor on the newspaper. I'm running out of ideas to stop her...I can't always stay home to monitor her...Pls help....

    Thanks alot!

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    First of all, as repugnant as it is to us, eating feces is a natural behavior for your puppy. This evolved as a survival mechanism in wild canids, helping to keep the den area free of scent.

    Most puppies outgrow it.

    While you are sprinkling and yelling NO you might as well be picking it up. The best solution is to supervise potty times, pick up as SOON as she is done, and correct her for paying attention to poop verbally, and with a leash.

    For now, you might consider using a crate with a grate in the bottom so that waste goes out of her reach when you are not there to supervise.
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      Just one other suggestion though I agree with RedyreRottweilers, there is a liquid you can get from your vet that will make the poop taste, to the pup, very foul, but they will out grow it, so I eould just do what RedyreRottweilers said and wait it out.
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