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  • Depression?

    Hi I am new here. My dog recently had 7 puppies just last week. I know they should be with there mother for 8 weeks but I am worried that when there gone she will be depressed. I was wondering if they get depressed? And if so for how long? My dog is like a daughter to me and I would be very upset if she is angry with me. If anyone can answer my question I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Try to increase the level of your dog's activity. Take them to a new place for their walk.
    Exercise helps torelease certain brain chemicals to make your pet feel better.If your pet has lost a playmate you could try to expose him to other dogs. You could also try Doggy Day Care. If you are ready to consider purchasing another dog. This could help give some relief to your pet's depression.


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      At this time your dog need more love and affection. She may not just snap out of it on her own, but given a little effort and patience, she'll regain her emotional footing.

      Set aside more time together for play. If your dog isn't normally an active player, take more frequent walks outside, or devote more time to another favorite activity. Another option is to call a neighbor with a dog and set up a playdate.


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          Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well-being.