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how many mamory glands dose your girl have

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  • how many mamory glands dose your girl have

    What is the largest litter a female can nurse at one time? I have been told anywhere from 6-14 that is a big swing. Dose it matter on the females breed? I dont plan on breeding but was wondering (I could NEVER sell puppies I would want to keep them al :lol: )

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    Typically you'll find 8. One of my females actually has 9 but 3 of them "don't work". She recently had 7 pups but she wasn't able to nurse them all because of illness and we had to bottle feed/ween them beginning at 2 weeks old. But another female I have just had 11 pups and surpisingly nurses them all and they are extremely chunky little pups. We were certain they would need formula supplements but they all get fed by their momma.

    I think the guinness record for a litter was 21 and if I remember right, she nursed them all and they didn't require supplements either.

    I personally gained a whole new respect for (female) dogs in the last couple months when my first female rescues delivered. I thought nursing one kid at a time was gonna kill me......I can't imagine nursing 11 (or 21) YIKES!!!


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      I find in most rotties its ten, but that is the ty[ical litter size in a rottie.
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        My whippet/lab mix has 8. But my boyfriend Chiweenie has 9.
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