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*** PET OWNERS: It's up to YOU!! Please read! ***

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  • *** PET OWNERS: It's up to YOU!! Please read! ***

    ~ Are you rehoming your pet b/c of your lack of preparation for changes in your life (whether it's moving, a new baby, or not enough time, behavioral problems, etc.)& laziness to try to work things out so you wouldn't have to rehome your pet?

    ~ Are your pets not spayed/neutered?

    ~ Do you not keep an ID tag on your pet (yes, this includes cats!)?

    ~ Did you buy your pet from a breeder , pet store/puppy mill?

    ~ make the effort to find ways to keep your pet, even if it's not convenient for you. If you move, move to a place that allows pets & a place where you can afford the pet deposit. If you don't have the time, MAKE time or find other solutions such as a doggie daycare or adopting & saving the life of another pet to keep the other pet company while you are away or busy. If your pet is having behavioral problems or doing bad things that you don't want them to do, get a pet trainer to help or do some research on ways that you can train them yourself.

    ~ Spay/neuter your pets! There's no room for accidental litters (or intentional!)!

    ~ Keep an ID tag on your pet at ALL times (this includes cats! not sure why people tend to not put ids on cats. especially since most people allow them to roam outside, which is a big risk)! Most of the animals that end up in shelters are "strays". Only 5-10% of those are reclaimed.

    ~ ADOPT and save the life of your future pets from an animal control shelter or pet rescue group!

    YOU have the power to make a difference! YOU have the power to reduce the killing and increase the saving!
    * Please spay/neuter your pets!

    * Please keep an ID tag on them at ALL times (including cats!)

    * Please don't breed or buy while pets in shelters die! Adopt & save a life from an animal control shelter or rescue group!

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    Thanks for posting this; you're right, spaying and neutering should be the biggest priority for pet ownership (following closely by proper training). These are in my opinion anyway.

    I assume you copied and pasted this from somewhere else but did not write it. Either way, from my experience with cats--NONE that I have owned or known the owners of would keep bells or tags on. I tried a tag on several cats only to find that they'd continuously lose the collar. I have three right now that do not where ID tags (though I compensate by writing in black, permanent marker my phone number on both the inside and outside of the collar). Every time I try to put a tag on the collar they all end up somehow taking the collar off (though without a bell or tag they will keep the collar on). All of my animals have microchips though.

    Also, I'm always hearing people getting hacked on about giving up their pets due to some reason or another. Though I agree many are ridiculous reasons, there are some situations where giving up the pet is in the best interest of the animal. I, unfortunately, had to do it myself once. My daughter was born prematurely (6 weeks) and quickly came down with pneumonia. She also had a heart murmur and her bowels were twisted. Though we had insurance at the time, it only covered about 60% of her hospital stays, 50% of her surgeries and 30% of her medications. To make matters worse, my husband had been laid off from work due to the weather conditions at the time that prevented him from working. It was only a matter of time before our finances ran out (and due to bad credit and no income other than unemployment) we were refused for a loan. We fell behind on all our bills, including our mortgage, and ended up losing our home. We had 5 dogs and 2 cats at the time and being unable to even support ourselves, we could not support our animals. I did not feel keeping them was in their best interests--as I just could not provide for them the things they would need to lead healthy, happy lives.

    I lost my home. I sold or gave away all of my belongings. I sold my car. I sat in the hospital watching my newborn suffer. I watched my husband slip into a deep depression over not being able to support his family any longer. And I listened as each and every person I turned to to help me find homes for my animals moan and groan about how worthless a pet owner I was and how horrible it is I'd be so eager to get rid of my animals.

    Though things are better for us now and we work hard to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, I DO understand and can appreciate family emergencies and other reasons for owners to feel the need to give up their pets. So though I understand where this comes from, I'm slightly offended by what it implies.

    But perhaps I'm simply taking it to personally.

    And of the dogs that I gave up (bawling my eyes out while the rescue group drove away)--is now a drug-sniffing dog for a local police unit. MUCH better life than he could have ever had with me. I know, I know, once in a million thing to happen.


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      pet owners - be responsible

      no, I actually did write it myself. :)

      I can completely understand your situation. However, you are one of a million owners that truly have a GOOD excuse. All the other things people CAN make things work. The truth is NO ONE has all the time in the world for their pets & so many owners think that if their pet doesn't have the perfect life, they should be rehomed. While I can understand that they are doing it in the best interest of the pet (although some people will flat out lie with an excuse like that b/c they simply don't want the pet any more), they don't understand that EVERYONE is in the same boat they are. But we find ways to make it work. It's as simple as watching one less tv show a day or whatever. There are SOOOO many ways to make it work so that the pet is still happy & healthy. The problem is that most owners are honestly just too lazy to put in the effort.

      Oh writing on their collar is a GREAT IDEA!! because I do understand how the tags can come off (although that's never happened with my SUPER hyper & active dog that runs around in our big backyard all the time). Also, the microchips are great. Unfortunately, a lot of times just a normal person finds the pet, not a shelter or vet or whatever, so they don't have a scanner. If that person is educated enough, though, they would know to take the pet to a vet to get it scanned. But the average person doesn't know about that. That's why writing directly on the collar is SUCH a good idea!! Thanks for pointing that out!
      * Please spay/neuter your pets!

      * Please keep an ID tag on them at ALL times (including cats!)

      * Please don't breed or buy while pets in shelters die! Adopt & save a life from an animal control shelter or rescue group!


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        I generally agree. Personally, I feel bad for the puppies in shops and always wonder what happens to them when they get older. The containers are designed only for puppies, and puppies grow in a matter of months. If not bought, where are they put? Maybe I don't want to know.

        I keep a collar on my cat when I put him outside. I do not worry about him and his roaming, I've seen where he goes and he won't go further than down the street, nor will he cross it. Yay neutering. I take it off whilst inside, he can't get out without me knowing. My vet told me he didn't like the idea of putting a collar on a cat as he said he would worry about it getting caught and choking the cat. Thankfully they have those "safe-cat" collars that snap open if tugged hard enough which would be the reason my cat sometimes comes home without one.


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          Yeah, I have gotten those "tug-safe" collars too. But all that I've found come with bells. It's not the collar my cats don't like, it's the bells or jingle of the tags. I keep collars on mine but they are so loose they can slip their heads right out so I'm not too worried. They still tend to lose them on occasion, but not nearly as often as the ones with bells or tags. It all works out okay anyway because I like to replace them regularly anyway (either because the black marker writing gets so worn out from scratching or dirt).


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            All my critters are micro-chipped and Blue is tattooed as well (had it done while he was getting the big "snip").

            My vet's office sells GREAT cat collars. It has a label directly on the collar that has his name, our address, 2 phone numbers for us and our vet's number. The on the opposite side of the collar it has a "Please Scan ME" Notification to make ppl aware that he is chipped.

            As far as the issue on people rehoming their pets me I don't think anyone can judge till they have walked in another's shoes.

            Granted there are those jerks who get the cute puppy and then get rid of it because it becomes a hassel.

            But there are also people in the world due to whatever circumstances can NOT keep their pets and it is a heartbreaking ordeal for them to give them up. (As in Dogmom's case)

            One of the ways I look at it is if someone gives up a pet (for whatever reason, good or bad) then that means they did not want it or could not care for it...therefore I believe the pet is better in the hands of rescue vs. being in a situatiton where it can not be cared for or somewhere that it will suffer neglect in the worst form because the people didn't care. Granted not all pets that are surrendered get into a rescue and a large number are PTS :( But I would much rather have an animal PTS then see it suffer from severe neglect only to die later anyways...sounds a bit harsh I know but it is a matter of choosing the lesser evil.

            I have rehomed 1 pet. A lil' Chi named Daisy. She was stuck in a box on my porch when she was 5 weeks old. I took care of her even though I really don't like lil' dogs and for the most part she was a sweet heart..until it came to my 5 month old son. She was dreafully jealous of him and would try to attack him..

            Once when he was almost a year old he was laying on his belly playing and Daisy ran in there and attacked him and tore his lower lip...resulting in stitches and a HUGE round of questioning to me from the ER staff as to why this baby had a torn lip...

            I will not ever keep a kid aggressive dog in my home for no reason. I found an elderly couple who already had 2 Chi's and gave her to them. 3 years later they still have her and she's a spoiled brat :)

            BTW- Dogmom I am sorry about your ordeal. We went through something very similar when my son was born (I had to be induced 4 weeks early due to my kidneys failing and toxemia) We had no insurance because the co DH worked for went bankrupt.. and it was a nightmare. I am just so thankful that I did not have any pets at the time because there would have been NO way I could have kept and cared for them...physically or finacially.
            "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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              The only thing I don't do is the collar on my cat. He did have one when I adopted him. But he got his lower jaw under it and almost killed himself. So no collar for him. He is indoor only though. And I make certain he doesn't get outside.
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                Our cats do not have collars on, the reason? Because we live out where there is tons of brush and everything that a collar could get snagged on, and I just don't agree with cats having collars on, it ruins their freedom. But dogs, yes, or it depends on if the dog is loose ornot. There many miles between me and the city, so I barely have to worry about traffic. I DO on the other hand agree with spay/neutering. It is very important unless you want to use them for breeding. Other wise I don't use collars on cats, but our dog is tied up, so he gets a collar of course, but no name tags, for we live so far away from civilization...


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                  Dogmom? You can take the bells off of the collars, I realized before, but maybe that is obvious to you. :?: