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Possible Show Dog? He's a Mixed Breed

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  • Possible Show Dog? He's a Mixed Breed

    I have had a million and one compliments on my dog. I would love to possibly get into training him for some kind of competition. I know he would do rather well in Agility if I got him into some classes.

    What do you think? Sorry about lack of quality in the photo... My boyfriend has the camera with the memory card right now, but you get the point.
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    The looks of your dog should not determine what your going to do with him, agility is a sport for all dogs and all people who want to get out and have fun. There are also obediance classes that are not breed specific and temperment tests that are again not breed spacific. He would of course need to be nutered, but where hes a mix breed he should be nutured already anyway.
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