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Do u guys like PIGEONS?

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  • Do u guys like PIGEONS?

    Do u guys like PIGEONS? or if u like which type of Do u guys like PIGEONS? u like

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    Re: Do u guys like PIGEONS?

    Several times in this forum the question is how to determine the sex dove. It is not an easy, try to say something about it.

    Old grandfather's way of "pull a bird beak" I have nothing but a smile does not. It's funny to see how the market serious guys pulling for pigeons' beaks. It is believed that the pigeon will behave calmly and the dove will escape. In fact, as may be approximated by a dove temperament and degree of domestication. To some extent, this method works, because it is usually the males more temperamental. However, I would not trust this method.
    In preparation for writing this post I decided to still experimenting in their pigeons, all of a sudden I'm wrong and this is just my prejudice? I started with Rostov swans. I dove easily grabbed the beak and pulled. Repeated the experiment several times. But taken as a dove's beak, I could not, she got out, like an eel. If we consider that in Rostov beak is not too long, I did not manage to capture it with confidence. Then I caught the Voronezh handsome. Golubina ardent and active. He turned only when hung on the beak. So, it's all garbage.

    Can be distinguished from the dove dove on behavior. If the dove alone and he put the pigeon, he begins yarit at her after a brief cooing is long "guuu," in which a dove stands in a vertical rack, greatly inflating the crop. At the same time it is widely bred tail and sweeps them land. Sometimes after a pigeon makes a sharp jump to the dove, as if naskakivaya her. If the lonely dove dove show, which will begin to coo, she was under a "floating" - first he nods his head, then a little lower a little wings vzeroshivaet feathers on the back and begins to proudly mince around, and sometimes squats, inflating crop, widely spreads its tail and labeling tail on the ground, catches the pigeon, in some cases, "butting" him in the process.
    However, there can be a mistake. One day, I watched as my darling Yarila for your pigeons in the manner of a male. This is rare, but still.
    Much more can be taken as less active dove dove. In a market where some birds feel uncomfortable, this error may well happen. The above described behavior of doves so vividly manifested only in a peaceful atmosphere, but the market may be slightly pigeon indicate that she likes pigeons, nodding to him. However nod yaryaschemu dove and pigeon can only nods his sharper. Most often it is with a little twitch the tip of the wing. He is saying, "Get away from me, and then give the forehead." After all, in fighting pigeon wings beat each other, and such a twitch-wing means demonstration of such a possibility. But, if I do not like this dove dove, or if it is in a pair, it also will react to it negatively.

    Can be distinguished from the dove dove and cooing - the doves voice kartavinkoy. However, this is a sign of an individual and not always this way of working. I now sits dove Russian mail. Roars like a locomotive. I even thought at first that her previous owner made a mistake, and this pigeon, but somehow she laid an egg.

    Can be distinguished from the dove dove "to fight" that some fanciers used in the market, lifting the male dove, half of which to be determined. However, a lot depends on the temperament, and the breed of pigeon determined. Some lovebirds are fighting so that they themselves set upon by a stranger.
    I somehow lost dove torkut. I found it on the market. The seller was sure this is a dove. I understand why he decided - all clung to the walls of the pigeons cage, and she grimly stood in the center, and it cost someone to relax torkutiha attack him and "build" to complete.

    Good way to determine the sex of pigeons on the pelvic bones. If you take a pigeon in hand, you can easily feel out the keel on his chest, holding his hand on, get a life and even further, almost tail feel two bones, as it were "floated" from the depths. This is the pelvic bone. In males, they are close, sometimes almost touching, while the dove is not the distance between them is less than the length of your fingertip. But there is high probability of error. Young, never dove breeding pelvic bones can be close together, and the pigeons loose constitution or having a child, the lack of calcium (rickets), pelvic bones can be very widely separated.

    Most often experienced fancier determine the sex of pigeons on the surface, considering the bird's head in profile. Males are usually more foreheaded, they are thicker and more massive beak, larger and coarser voskovitsa eyelid. In general, males are more virile, and doves - feminine. But there is a huge role breed pigeons. It is clear that the Chinese dove seagull would look more feminine and delicate than the dove of Russian or German postal. Yes, and in some breeds there are subtleties that become visible only when prolonged contact with them. Leaves its mark on the case and the age of the birds - the old pigeon may have a rough eyelid and voskovitsu than young male.
    However, if you buy a dove too feminine, and the dove, on the contrary, the type of Samtsova better from buying these birds abandon in the future, it may be difficult to obtain from them chicks. After expression of the characteristics of the opposite sex may be due to hormonal problems of this bird.

    So how do you distinguish between a dove of doves? ONLY six senses.
    Applying all of the above methods to get the coin toss and the palm - Eagle falls, then dove, and tails - Dove.

    The joke, of course. But precisely because of the combination of features, you can more or less make decisions about what kind of sex considered a bird.

    In conclusion, I want to mention that in some cases, the sex of pigeons can still be identified by color. First, it concerns autoseksnyh lines of certain breeds, such as the same Teksan pioneer, who dove always darker colored than the doves. Second, if you know the origin of pigeons, we can judge the dove field, if we are dealing with the signs of contact with the floor, for example, if the pair dove red coat and blue red or yellow, all the chicks of this pair having yellow color will necessarily doves.


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      Re: Do u guys like PIGEONS?

      Yes, I LOVE them. They are so cute!