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Dog breeds need study

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  • Dog breeds need study

    It is my understanding all insurance companies have a vicious dog list.

    Prior to buying a dog, it would be to your readers’ advantage to find out what breeds are on that list. If you should buy a dog on that list, and that dog should maim or kill a person or pet, your homeowners or renters policy will not cover you.

    Due to the increase in vicious dog attacks, some counties are now requiring landlords, who rent to people owning pit bulls, Rottweilers, etc., to buy a special insurance policy to cover these breeds, prior to renting to their owners.

    I have noticed recently photographs of dogs in newspapers and on TV who need a home are often called Lab mixes, instead of pit bulls. This is more than deceitful, it would well be criminal, if the person knowingly lied in the advertisement, and the dog later caused bodily harm or death.

    Recently, some county shelters and humane societies have been sued for such deceptions. The highest settlement so far is $7 million.
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    Re: Dog breeds need study

    It is about teaching your dog the basic rules to make him a safer pet as well as a pleasant companion.