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Does full grown pomsky love children?

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  • Does full grown pomsky love children?

    A friend of mine owns an adult pomsky; my friend will no longer be able to take care of him because he has an allergy. So we want to get his dog, but; On a website I saw very useful information about adult pomskys and I liked pomskys very much.

    Do Pomskys love children? Does anyone know about this?

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    Re: Does full grown pomsky love children?

    According to this page, Pomskies are OK with children as a rule:

    However - and it is a big however - every dog has a unique personality. One should not imagine that all dogs of the same breed have the same temperament exactly. So the safest course would be to have your friend's dog stay for a weekend and see how things go. Variable factors would be the age of the dog when adopted, the age(s) of your child(ren), the dog's character, your child(ren)'s character, how much a change in environment would be involved, etc. Remember, some dogs will react to having their tails pulled, etc. by young children - so children need to be trained in advance about how to treat a dog with love and respect.

    Every best wish to you!
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