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  • crating dogs

    I would like any information you can give about the way you crate your dogs while gone to work for 8 -10 hours. Also, I would like to know how you make sure your dogs are well exercised when you get home.

    Thanks for all replies

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    Well both my dogs are beyond the age of creating anymore, but getting a create that is the proper size is big thing, too big and the dog will deficate in the pen, too small and the dog will be uncomfortable all day. Its best if possible to give the dog a break half way through the day, but if its not its not a huge deal.

    As for excersize, it depends on the breed and age of your dog, a heeler or collie may require more excersize then a mastif. But a good game of fetch or a brisk walk. A wrestling session or a game of tug, all depends on your life style and your dogs likes.
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      8-10 hours is an awful long time could a neighbour or relative not pop in mid morn and mid aft while you pop in at lunch?

      i love crate training its great fun, leave the doors open through all of this when you feed your dog in the morning and evening put your dogs bowl just inside the door and keep the water bowl in all the time.
      when its play time throw a toy through so the dog will follow it through or go in and get it back for you.
      while your dog is getting used to it and is happy with it work on shutting the door, tell your dog 'bed' and shut the fuss no long goodbyes,leave a kong in if you wish my dogs still have one but its empty when i go out.
      and just go out for 15 mins half hour when you come home i take my coat off and put my things away before i even look at my mine are crate trained and happy with it all i ask that they are down before i open the door then i say wait and give the release command ok.
      by doing that they know that they dont get to make a fuss when i come in and they dont get to rush out at me when i open the door.
      oh and make sure the only nice place for your dog to rest/sleep is in the crate,i fill my crates with fleece blankets of a covered pad.
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