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  • saltwater

    We have a lab/boxer mix dog who is 3 years old. We moved from freshwater upstate New York to the beach in North Carolina. Our dog goes swimming in the ocean and gets real sick, he throws up and has a stream of white water coming out his but after we go swimming in the ocean. I asked the vet and she said this is normal. Today we went swimming, the same thing happened and now he is breathing hard and throwing up yellow stuff. We gave him shade and fresh water. Any ideas?? He loves the beach and the boat.

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    I'm not sure what this is nor do I have any advice for you on it.

    But, in my own personal opinion, this does not sound normal at all. Seek a second opinion.


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      Salt water DOES make your dog sick!

      Your vet is obviously uninformed (or from an inland state OR doesn't care to look this up)

      First of all drinking salt water can damage the kidneys and that is probably why he is throwing up bile.

      Just because you are near the ocean is NOT a good reason to let him swim there routinely unless you take the precaution of NOT letting him drink it and rinsing him off completely after he swims so that he can't lick the driying salt off his coat. There is also an article today about e-coli growing in sand beaches - that too will cause sickness. I will try to find that link for you but in the meantime here is a simple one (read number 4) about ocean swimming being dangerous.


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        E-coli in sand


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          Thank you, he is doing better. Only throwing up clear to white foam now. I trusted our vets opinion until now.


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              Yea, I wouldn't allow him to get in the ocean any longer. Saltwater is not good to ingest and if your pup has not learned not to drink it while he is swimming, then you might have to prevent it from happening. I know this is unfortunate, but it is in your dog's best interest.
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