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Smiffy.......buying Brewer's Yeast?

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  • Smiffy.......buying Brewer's Yeast?


    Was gonna try to make your flea finger thingys (the biscuit to help fight fleas) but I cannot find brewers yeast anywhere!!! Even online all I can find is the pill form.

    Any suggestions?

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    As in beer brewers yeast? Try your local liquor store, or your local beer store, we have a store that deals in home made wines and home made beers around here.
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      I live in a dry county. No alcohol sales on Sunday's or holidays, no hard liquour sales, no tap beer. I found one health food store that has a brewer's yeast and fiber powder or a natural yeast flake, would that work?


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        i spoke to the guy who gave the recipe to me and he said he just uses baking yeast so i guess i would say experiment.
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          YIKES!!! Regular baking yeast? No way! The recipe calls for 1/4 cup. Two loaves of bread only use 2 1/2 tablespoons. Unless your baking yeast and my baking yeast is something different. hehe

          Maybe I'll cut the recipe in half and use the brewers yeast and fiber powder that I found. If my dogs won't eat them, I'll give them to the animal shelter (the recipe makes almost 100 bones doesn't it?)


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            should leave you enough to keep your lot going - if only for a week :lol:

            i was thinking i have the puppy class section coming up in my dog training course i'm doing and i need some pups to work with. how nice it would be to pop round for a few training sessions :)

            i have some friends here who run shelters but the one i really wanted to get to is in london so i would waste half a day in travel. i do have some coming to me to stay so they will help me as much as i help them but still i would love to pop round to help out.

            i doubt i would get much work done though - all those puppy kisses to be had :roll: :lol:
            all dalmatian rescue 01255 220 649 (uk)


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              I just recently read that if taken on a regular basis, Brewer's Yeast can deplete Calcium from the bones. Is this true and do you have any research on this? Because i don't that is this ture or not.