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Kind of a funny question for owners with "little dogs&q

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  • Kind of a funny question for owners with "little dogs&q

    HI everyone, this is Mia's mom. She's doing great, but just started something a bit anoying. I'ts not something to really be upset about,
    but it's odd.
    It's getting cold here in New Hampshire, and she does not want to go out in the morning for "potty". I take her anyway, and back in she dashes right back to bed. Ok, but later.... what do you think I find??? A tiny poop right on my bed!!!! Mia, bad girl!!!!!
    I was wondering, is this too weird, to think of getting a kitty litter box for
    her for the winter?? I never have had one, even for cats, but I'm wondering when it's 10 or 20 degrees, she is not going to want to go out
    there to decide where to poop!!!!!
    It sounds funny, but I"ve washed my bed comforter three times already,
    and there must be something else I can do. I take her out a lot, so that's
    not going to changer her mind!!!
    Any ideas, thoughts?? I really don't want a "poop box" in my house, but
    practically, what do you think?????

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    If kitty litter is ok for dogs to be around,
    why not? I don't think it is wierd. I remember
    what is was like when Abby was 4 months old,
    and I was up several times every night taking
    her out in the cold rain, and waiting as long as 30
    minutes for her to pee and poo. If she had been
    a small dog and we had a bigger house, I think
    I would have been thinking "litter box".


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      I don't have any small dogs, but my aunt has an elderly Shih Tzu (sp??) who uses a "litter box" She uses that pine shavings cat litter though, not the little pebbles...sorry but I can't remember the name of the litter. She started using this method with Sophie because she had to move to an upstairs apartment and lil miss Sophie has been having age related potty issues and can't hold it like she used to. It seems to work out well for them, so I don't think its a crazy idea.

      My 121 lb Great Dane puppy also has weather related potty issues. It has been getting a bit chilly and rainy here in Texas and he does not like to go potty in the rain!! :roll: Though I do believe if he ever got the idea to potty on my bed I would need a new bed!!! So unfortunately, I don't think the litter idea could work in my house! LOL :lol: But it seems like it could be easily done with a smaller dog.
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        Thankyou for both of your replies- I hadn't thought of using shavings,
        I get them all the time for my horses. So, I'll just figure out what kind of
        box to use,and try to show tiny Mia that it's ok to use it.
        Since I never had one of these before, I wonder if she'll figure it out??
        I felt bad about putting her out in the morning, and when it starts snowing, it seems mean to do that to her, so thanks!


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          Hi Barb,

          A lot of small dog people use puppy wee wee pads - they are usually effective and easy to roll up and dispose of.

          I seriously doubt that she will like kitty litter on her dainty feet.

          See - no question now about 'how long' she can be outside on a cold day - I had a feeling she hated it <G>


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            If you decide to go with the litter box idea maybe you could buy some spray to encourage her to use the box. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the product, but its a spray you use to help with potty training. You spray it in the desired potty area and it encourages the dog to use that spot. Might be worth looking into. I know it can be found in the potty training area of your pet store and it isn't expensive. Should be located somewheres near the potty pads.
            "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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              Hi Countrychic,, hey, I like your name! I guess I can call myself an "old countrychic, since I"m fifty! thanks for your answer, and Sara also, I've never heard of "wee and poop pads" (my name for them) so I guess I'll take a trip to Petco and get some. I figured the shavings would end up on my carpet or who knows where, and the kittly litter I wouldn't want for the same reason, and it's going to get on her tiny tiny feet-
              Today it's pouring rain, and I know she dosen't want to go out there-
              I just bought her the cutest, tiny little winter coat, complete with a tiny hood, and I used to make fun of people who dressed up their dogs, and now I"m doing it!! When I bought it, they even have haloween constumes her size!!(no, I"m not doing that!)
              I just made an aviaria for my african grey Michael, so he can now come out of his cage, but in the safety of that. Mia also gave up chasing the vacume, I just point to her basket, and say "out" and she obeys!!
              One thing, I picked up the broom yesturday to sweep my front porch, and when I was done, I said "c'mom, MIa, lets go back in, she cowered, and wouldn't budge, and I realized, oh my God, I"m holding this brooom, what the hell did they do to her?? Right away, I put it down, and she came right to me.
              She now plays with Barney, steals the ball, and loves to be with him, big brother is good for her..
              Thanks about the box, every animal is different, with diferent needs, and no matter how many I've had, I still am learning new things!!!
              p.s. country chick, your photo of your lab looks just like my Barney, compete with the long tongue, how do you guys get your little photos on here??? I'd like one of Mia (I'm almost computer illerated)


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                Well I guess I am just mean!
                I figure they know they have to go out and out they go. I will put a coat on Jasper, and I will also pick him up when he looks cold or shivers, but Jasper is a JRT, with very little hair and he can be outside in very cold weather for some time without suffering much. I do keep an eye on it and watch his feet, but I am of the opinion that the dogs love to be out and I think they can tolerate the cold VERY well. I do not think an hour walk in 35 degree weather is too much as long as you keep an eye on their feet and coat them.

                As for going out, I guess I am mean there too. Jasper HATES to go out in teh rain, but he learned quick that he goes out, goes quickly and he gets let right back in. If he doesn't go, out he stays until he does. Of course I dry him off and all, but within a short time, he learned to race out there, go to his business and race back in, where mom waited with a warm towel. No warm towel or anything if he just sat at the back door and didn't go, and then wants to go in the house somewhere (we caught him when it was raining, using the basement as a place to go). Maybe I could set up a litterpan for him. I suppose that would be a kind thing to do, but I dunno. I really do not want to have to clean up a litter pan on a regular basis, or train him to go there, after I spent so much time teaching him inside was a big NO.

                So, ok, I'm mean. I admit it...and I DO feel bad for him, but in theis house all dogs go outside, and they are greatly rewarded when they do things promptly and come back in! :)


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                  HI KERRY!!!!!!!!!! What to do??? How will I know if MIa's feet are cold ??
                  They will be but you think it's okay then to walk her in the snow?? Jees,
                  I don't know what to do....... SHe loves her walk, and it isn't that cold yet, and she does run out to pee, but the poop thing, she sneeks doing that in my bedroom, and I'm not reall happy about that!!!
                  Im kinda with you on this one I think, that so what it's raining, hurry up..
                  And if I get the box, then will she want that in the summer??? no way!!!
                  So, is your jrt ok in the snow???? meaning his/her feet??????
                  How are you??? HOpe all is well with those gourgous rotties!!!!
                  take care my friend,


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                    Kerry I guess I'm really mean then. Because all my dogs have to go outside to potty all the time whether it's raining sleeting or snowing! As long as their isn't hail falling from the sky their good to go outside! And no, I do not put little booties on them or have a warm towel waiting for them. Of course I don't let them go out too long. But they quickly learn that if they don't like it, they had better hurry up!
                    Blessed Be

                    Salem Witch Child


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                      Barb, thanks for the compliment on my baby. He is a Great Dane pup though :D Don't worry everyone used to make that mistake when he was that young. Now that he is 32 inchs at the shoulder and 120 lbs, most people don't make that mistake anymore. But then again, most people don't think he's a Great Dane either...he doesn't fit in what most people think of when they see a Dane, which is a fawn with cropped ears.

                      ETA: Brutus was about 10 weeks old in that pic. :)
                      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                        HI country chic, he looks like he has an awsome personality- it comes through in that expression! I knew someone who had a great dane years ago, and that dogs name was "kitty" can you belive it-
                        How do I make one of this little photo things???


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                          Thanks. He really is such a lover. And he's a total momma's boy. :D Which I LOVE!!

                          Anywho..on the picture thing. I am the worst person to explain anything of that nature. I have no clue about "computer lingo" so I don't know what to tell you. I have cox email and with that I get a free webspace. I uploaded the picture of Brutus to that and then copy and pasted the link to the picture in the space for avatars. LOL I think it is called a URL?? Geez, I don't know, I am probably confusing you more. Maybe you can try emailing the moderator and she could help you better than I. (I finally updated my image..the new avatar is a pic of Brutus @ 6 months old)

                          ETA: The name "Kitty" is soo funny for a Dane. I have heard some weird ones though. A lady who was in Blue's (my Weimaraner) agility classes had a Mastiff named "Mini Me" and a Jack Russel named "Jumbo" needless to say when she took the dogs out people often got the names confused. :lol:
                          "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                            Barbara, When I had Mia, I was really surprised at how often that dog had to go out. I've never seen ANYTHING like it. I used to just open the door and let her out the back every two hours and I swear she must have pooped 5 times a day. My otehr dogs go once MAYBE twice a day but not her, she was out there almost every time. I wondered aloud to my husband if it came from living in an apartment in her previous life, where she was sort of geared to go EVERY time she got to go out not knowing when she would get to go out again. She did have two accidents in my house and both time she raced to her "room" (the bathroom) and hid behind the toilet trembling like a leaf. So is her going in teh house a test to see if you'll punish her, is it testing your love ...I dunno, but either way I would not tolerate it of course. We have a dog door here so the dogs can go out when they want to, but Mia was separated from them so she could not and I seriously found I had to let her out every couple of hours. If she even wandered to the back door and peered out, I'd let her out and she'd go every time. I also figuired she had not had enough time to get used to the better quality food I was feeding her too - of course better quality does cut down on their need to go as often, but you don't say that she is going often, just that she is going in the house on occasion even after being out. In that case I would let her out and not allow her back in until she had gone - in the morning for instance. I would stand inside the door and just shake my head and say no if she came back to the door before doing BOTH. Once she did both I would then immediately open the door, praise her and hug and kiss her and tell her good girl. I'd do that every morning and make sure she went both before she was allowed back in, no matter the rain or snow (of course WITHIN REASON!).

                            Anyway that would be my advice on that sort of thing. Jasper tried pulling it a couple of times - raining, come back in quick and go in my basement. HA!!! Funny dogs. But now he realizes that he gets to come in FAST if he GOES fast! Of course the dog door downstairs eliminates that problem too - he can come and go as he wants...but if I have it shut or if he is upstairs or something....

                            As to the cold, dogs grow hair around their feet that keep them somewhat warm and moving keeps hte blood flow to the area. i would not leave a dog in teh YARD standing around, but on a brisk walk, where blood is moving freely, I think a small dog, with a warm coat can manage outside for an hour. You'll need to just keep an eye on things and see. She'll probably hold a paw off the ground if it starts to be cold. MNy little scottie would do that, start holding one paw or another off the ground if she started to get too cold, then I would pick her up and we'd go in. Of course scotties have a LOT more hair than JRT's and she could stand outside MUCh longer than Mia or Jasper could but I really think you have a lot of common sense and will be able to tell if she is uncomfortable.


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                              HI Kerry- You know, I had another thought on this pooping thing...
                              Here we have this tiny dog, who has been through enourmous emotional and physical trauma. Her little body is maybe still recovering from that, as we all know that emotional abuse contributes to physical things..
                              What I'm thinking is, maybe nutritionally, her body is getting back to what's "normal" and I do think over time, she will be acclimated to a "pooping schedule" ha- And already, she is.
                              She pooped on my bed three times, every singletime, I had company here
                              and she was put in my bedroom, with the gate up. SHe could see the people, and dogs, but hey, Im' going to poop because I am being exluded from everyone!! Smart Mia!!
                              If anyone knows this, I"ve been trying to research info on Jack Russells.
                              Online and the library, all I can find are "terriors" Are they called something else??? When I bought Michael, my african grey, I bought books and books, to learn all I could. I would like to do the same for MIa.
                              I would like to learn about where they come from, more imfor on their
                              mind set and all that. Comming from an "animal background" each breed of dog "thinks diferently" as my horses do also, my pony, my hanoverian, and belguin all have different breeding in their motivations.
                              Countrychic, if you happen to read this post, I am taking care of right now a lab/greatdane cross, his feet are HUGE. Mia loves him, she jumps in bed with him instead of me, I have to take a photo. She goes everywhere he goes, I"ll be taking care of him quite a bit this year, so they will have lots of fun..
                              Love to all you animal people